Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Weigh in

What the frick? That's three weeks in a row. THREE WEEKS, people, that I have put on weight.

You might expect me to be tearing my hair out or at least chopping off a limb (a sure fire way to lose a pound or two) but I'm actually quite calm. I did only put on a quarter or a pound but that's not the point - the numbers are going the wrong way. I don't know if I'm calm because this whole situation is so ridiculous that I have gone to another place in my mind (I think that's called crazy town) or if it's simply because nothing surprises me when it comes to this losing weight malarkey.

I know I went a bit mental with the cakes at the weekend but I know how much I ate - and considering how much exercise I've done, I know that's not enough to justify what is going on. If I ever am in a place where I need to maintain (at this rate - NEVER going to happen) I would like to think I wouldn't have to knock my pan in five times a week at the gym. That's what I just did  - and I gained!

The only hope I have is that the numbers were skewed by my period which is on the cusp of arrival (welcome home TB who has gets home tomorrow after a week away) and I am feeling especially bloated and big boobed.

Bloating or no bloating, what am I going to do. Well, um - at the risk of repeating myself, I'm going to carry on trying. After weigh in this morning I went to the gym and then had fruit for breakfast. It's business as usual. I'm going to have a great week (NO CAKES even if they are instead of lunch or dinner) and carry on.

Starting Weight: 183 pounds
Current Weight: 179.5 pounds
Weight Loss This Week: plus 0.25lbs
Total 2012 Weight Loss: 3.75lbs

I've decided I'm not going to bang on about exercise and all that malarkey too much and make sure I'm blogging about the fun things in life too. It's a huge part of my life but I'm not about to let it take over. I've been inspired by the gorgeous Linzerello who has started a new blog about her outfits and rockin style (you can check it out here.) to make more of an effort. And without further ado - here we go.

I've been wearing this dress for a couple of years now. It's a Primark number and has a lovely scoop neck at the back too. It's a bit big now as it always falls off my shoulder but a cardi, or jacket fixes that. I just bought the jacket the other day. It's a touch too short for jeans without a longer layer underneath but perfect to smarten up a dress. I was just off to a meeting so popped it onto sharpen the whole thing up.

Dress: Primark (£16.99 I think)
Belt: Can't remember
Jacket: H&M (14.99)
Leggings: H&M (£3.99)


  1. Love the outfit - you look awesome! xx

  2. How amazing do you look??! I'd be walking around in a bikini if I were you :)


  3. You look great!

    And yes, sometimes it's just not fair. But it sounds as if the bloating might be your answer.



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