Thursday, 23 February 2012

The icing on the cake

This is day two of 'no nonsense'.

Which really just means being in tune with myself. Eating what I know I should eat, rather than what I feel like or I 'think' is okay. It's not a million miles away from where I was before but it kinda feels right being more strict. I do love a boundary!

On the exercise front I want to make sure that I come away from every workout feeling like I have pushed myself further than before. I don't want to feel comfortable. That doesn't mean beasting myself for an hour (although that is what I do!). It more like making sure I'm not just going through the motions of the same beasting workout. For example, I swapped my last 10 minutes of spinning for 10 minutes of sprint intervals. They totally killed me  - I was panting like a rabid dog! That's what I'm talking about.

My challenge for this week is about to descend though. It's TB's mum's birthday party and I just called her. Hang on while I digress.... I just called Mummy TB on the phone! That was a milestone. It's her birthday party tomorrow night and even though TB is away with work and can't go, I'm still gonna go along. I thought it might be a bit odd going without him but his cousins and other people I've met before are going and so I think it would be weird if I didn't show up.

It was a bit funny calling her for the first time. When she answered the phone I said "Hi, it's Love Cat." And I was all ready to follow up with "TB's girlfriend". Luckily I didn't need to! She is just so lovely and I'm heading down to her house tomorrow after lunch to help her and Daddy TB set up for the party - just the 3 of us! I am really close to my family and I love the fact TB is with his family too. They have been so good to me and I'm very lucky.

Anyway... the upshot of the call today is that I am about to make and decorate 50 cupcakes to take to the party. Buttercream icing - now there is a challenge. Must get repeating my mantra of 'mindful, mindful, mindful'.

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