Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Trash talk

So when I titled my last post "Can't Stop" little did I know that it was a prediction. Once I started, I couldn't stop eating my own cakes!

Here is how they looked all on display...

And then do you know what this is? That's the left over cakes thrown in the bin, taken out of the bin, put in the sink and covered in washing up liquid and water.

Yes, I took the bag of cakes out of the bin and started eating them. It happened. I ate pretty much a whole cupcake before I stopped myself. I knew the only way to make sure I didn't eat any more was to make them inedible. I know that might sound drastic to many people, but those are the kind of people who don't get it. They don't have this... thing, this fucked up relationship with food. 
So who knows what will happen on the scales tomorrow morning. Yet again I've exercised loads and my meals have been great, but I've let myself down over the weekend and last with picking inbetween. Not enough that I would expect a gain from it though. My period is due and my boobs are like two water balloons so that's going to help matters, I'm sure. Quite frankly if I put on weight again tomorrow I won't be surprised. I'll be furious, but not surprised.

Just to recap - here is the exercise for the week. It's not as if I'm slacking!

Wednesday: Gym workout. With sprints. 70 mins
Thursday: 8 mile cycle. 45 min Boxercise Class
Friday: Nothing
Saturday: Nothing
Sunday: Gym workout 70 minutes
Monday: 30 mins spinning. 10 mins running intervals
Tuesday: Some new bootcamp class


  1. Wow, that is steely self-discipline, I am WELL impressed.


  2. Fortunately I am not a cake fan, but I shall be using your washing up liquid trick from now on.

    Hope the scales are kind x

  3. Oh I know that washing up liquid trick well, I employ it for the same reason - usually on pizza rather than sweet things, but the principle's the same. Well done you on the willpower, and fingers crossed you will get a result on the scales, Cx

  4. Oops sorry, I messed up my blog address - by the way, I used to blog as Lazy Days and Cupcakes (on your bloglist), and now am on Carlita's Masterclass

  5. Hahahaha I had to laugh. I love your dedication and the cakes do look lovely. I find by the time i've made decorated and taken pictures of them I really don't want to eat them!


  6. Didn't that happen to Miranda in sex and the city once? she started eating cake out of the bin, I'm sure. I could have got it slightly mixed up though... ;-)


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