Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Weigh in

The morning got off to a shaky start. I couldn't find any clean socks for the gym, I broke a nail, TB's trousers split (although that was highly amusing), we were late leaving the flat and the scales and I had an almighty fall out (the reason for being late).

Last week I was 12stone 8.25. I got on this morning and was faced with 12. 9.75.  Not happy. In fact, raging. I usually step on and off around 10 times, recording each weight as they can vary by a pound or so, so I always go with the most common number. The readings (just the pounds) then went like this; 10.25; 9; 10; 11; 13 STONE! What? So annoyed I can't actually put it into words. 

The entire thing was a total farce. I have no idea what I weigh and I do not get what the hell was going on. Suffice to say that what I do know is that I have put weight on. For the sake of having a number to give me an idea of where I am I've gone with 12stone 9.75lbs - a gain of 1.5lbs. It doesn't really matter though - as the whole thing was a total joke.

I'm confused as to how I've put weight on. I know what kind of week I've had and a weight gain is not justified. I may be heavier but there is no way I am bigger. The scales can have their little hissy fit; I know that the numbers are not a reality that I am going to worry about (once I have finished ranting). I've been here before and it's bigger picture time. I'll keep on keeping on. And maybe this is an opportunity to look at where I could make improvements. That handful of crisps each day- that needs to stop. The portion sizes, are they too big? A choc ice three times a week isn't really on.  So it's heads down and let's see what next week brings.

Even though weigh in has been and gone for this week here is my weekly workout chat. It's very gym heavy as I missed boxercise and I was late to my spin class thanks to heavy traffic so just did 30 mins on my own.
  • Wednesday: Gym workout. 65 minutes
  • Thursday: Gym workout 60 minutes
  • Friday: Gym workout 70 minutes
  • Saturday: nothing
  • Sunday: nothing
  • Monday: Gym workout 65 minutes (increased t-mill speed)
  • Tuesday: 30 mins spinning
Thanks for the work comments on my last post. I'd love to do part time freelancing and part time secure employment but my industry isn't quite like that. It's kinda all or nothing. I think I'm going to put my CV into a  recruitment agency that deals only with my sector and see what that brings. No firm decisions but I'm just testing the water.

Starting Weight: 183 pounds
Current Weight: 177.75 pounds
Weight Loss This Week: plus 1.25lbs
Total 2012 Weight Loss: 5.5lbs

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  1. Sounds like a good idea about the recruitment firm - if you find a job you LOVE, you can consider it. If it's all meh, you can stay where you are.



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