Tuesday, 31 January 2012

The quest for domestic perfection

Feeling very lethargic today work wise. I've been in front of the screen all morning yet have done jack all - and it's mounting up. I've decided to crack off a blog and then get to it. No excuses! (Little BL13 joke there for those who are watching. Ha!).

So first up, in my new domesticated life TB's parents and my parents are coming for dinner in March. Part of me is really looking forward to it and part of me thinks, 'Ugh, so civilised - and grown up'. Neither of those thoughts really matter though as it's happening.

What I am really looking forward to is cooking and baking and making a lovely meal for them - a lovely 3 course meal and possibly with some sort of biscuit too, to have with coffee later on. I'm thinking maybe Florentines. Any recipe or meal ideas would be much appreciated. Ideally something that doesn't require me to be constantly watching over it so I can entertain. Oh, and also something that I can plate up for each person. I don't want people to have to help themselves and reach over each other. It's the first time my dad will have met TB's folks and my mum only met them for 10 mins last summer and so anything I can do to remove awkward 'Would  you like the last piece' scenarios is what I'm trying to do. Oh yeah - seafood and curry are both out. Fussy mothers!

I'll just finish up with my workout chit chat as tomorrow is weigh in. I'm not too sure what to expect from the scales tomorrow. I know I worked really hard at the gym but I did eat an entire big bag of Penn State Pretzels between Wednesday and Sunday. And I had cranachan on Wednesday. And quite a few Celebrations. I'll just stop there... it's getting too depressing! Oh well... fingers crossed for a loss.

Wednesday: Nothing
Thursday: Boxercise
Friday: Gym workout
Saturday: Nothing
Sunday: Gym workout
Monday: Gym workout
Tuesday: Spinning

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  1. Good luck with the scales.. I am dreading mine tomorrow too. I same to be in the same boat - brilliant with the exercise but then I keep eating crap. Doh... x


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