Monday, 30 January 2012

Thoughts to fingers to keys to blog

I'm just shit at blogging these days. I can't seem to summon the mental dexterity to fashion together even just a few words that aren't as boring as.... see! I can't even come up with a vaguely witty analogy.

Rather than totally fall off the radar I thought I'd at least crack out some words which might pass as a blog if you drank 17 rum and cokes and screwed your eyes up a bit. I might pap some pics up too. Better than nowt, eh. Well, I'm actually going to go list style. When in doubt paragraph it out, baby.

Last year my jam making was such a ruddy success that I got THREE jam making books at Christmas. Suffice to say I had to make marmalade this weekend just past. First attempt and it is the shit. Next up, three fruit marmalade.

My feline special boy continues to delight and frustrate in equal measures. We share a communal hallway/stairs with two other flats (top, middle and bottom). We are middle. Top is a lovely lady, her 9 year old daughter and their female cat. My boy is not getting on with their cat. Constant shouting at each other and a few swipes too. My cat keeps sneaking up to their front door and shouting dog's abuse (HA!) through their cat flap at their poor cat! I also know she's gone to the toilet inside her flat as she's unsettled! I wish my cat would stop being such an aggressive little shit. Although I have caught her chasing him inside from the garden too. It's like a full time job.

Sugar. Things are a lot better. A lot. For the past few days I've had about 3 celebrations a day and maybe a couple of boiled sweets. Feeling a lot better about that. I'm still totally aware of the fact I could go nuts and just inhale silly amounts but I am managing to be a lot more controlled.

The Biggest Loser (USA) I am obsessed. I fricking loved Season 11 (although nothing will ever beat Tara and Season 7) and have just gorged my way through season 12. I'm now one episode behind on Season 13 - which means I'll soon be caught up totally and I can actually read the blogs and tweets in line with the rest of the world without spoiling who gets chucked off each week.

Totally channelling the Biggest Loser workouts when I've been at the gym. I've been working really hard and yesterday, all of a sudden, I could feel a massive difference when doing dynamic lunges. I have an 8kg weight in each hand and using my right leg I step forward, lung and step back 12 times. Then the left leg. Then the same again but I step backwards and dip into a lung. And then the same with the other leg... 3 sets if you please. Ouch! I use to do these bad boys all the time.  I really do hate them but I know they work and so I just got on with it. Since the ankle incident (yes, I'm still bleating on about that) I've done them but never a full complement of 3 sets.... until yesterday baby! Very happy about that. I just felt much stronger than I have in months. While I feel the same size and generally a bit podgy about the body, my arms and legs feel much more solid and I can feel more muscle.

Had a pretty quiet weekend but was out on Friday night and both nights the weekend before. I even managed to go to an 80's club. They actually played Jason Donovan and Two Many Broken Hearts. Amazing! I'm staying off the booze this coming weekend as I'm at a night out in a village miles from anywhere and am just going to drive home to stay at my folk's afterwards. Quite hoping that'll help the scales move in the right direction.

I finally bought another pair of gym trousers/leggings. I have two sports bras (3 if you count the one that lots of the stitching has come out on), two pairs of trainer, countless t-shirts- but just one pair of trousers. They are constantly being washed and hung on the radiator to dry. It's never ending and it BORES ME TO DEATH. No more though! I'm not at your mercy any longer, sweaty breeks! And on that note... here are some pics.


  1. I just laughed out loud at the cat squabbles. I can just imagine him going up to the cat flap and shouting. They will be best friends in 6 months. My two still fight and hiss at each other and they have been together 3 years. A bit like me and B!

  2. Lol oh my goodness your cats do sound hilarious!I had to laugh at the jam books, you best get jamming? Is that the correct term, if it's not it should be. 'What are you doing today?' 'oh i'm jamming up a storm in the kitchen, hand me those lacy jam lids' see it works a treat. I fear I've gone off on a tangent. But back to the point yes congrats on the sugar avoidance, Im currently sitting with a large caramac beside me. I am rubbish I know.

    Have a good jamming day


  3. I can't believe you actually get whole books devoted to making jam - are there really that many types???

  4. Oh so many types. Later this week I'm making banana jam (best eaten with a muffin I reckon!) and 3 fruit marmalade.


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