Friday, 6 January 2012


I've got a whole list is resolutions. Some of them are just rolling ones and some I'm really going try hard at in 2012. Without further ado, here they are.

Lose more weight
I was really pleased with last year's loss and I feel great. I want to lose the festive flab and then at least another stone on top of that. Goal number one is to get into fresh fat i.e. under 12 stone 7. I'm gonna do what worked for me last year. Cut back on the carbs, up the protein. Watch the portions. Snack on fruit and veg - not crackers and cereal bars. Oh, and exercise like a mother fucker.

Be nicer
Sometimes I can be a bit harsh. A bit blunt. I need to watch that. I'm quite opinionated and can let fly with how I think how things should be done. I'd like to work on softening that a bit. I think I probably should. Something that goes along with that is my drunken attitude. The last few times when I've been boozing I've been really aggressive. Not fighting aggressive but really argumentative and my smart arse comments have come over as... well, I suppose, rude.

Be more productive
I can be the Queen of Faff. Not when I'm doing things around the house; cooking or cleaning (or watching telly!) but when I'm working. My attention span is horrendous. I can be working on a word document and mid way through typing a sentence and without even realising what I am doing, I reach for the alt tab keys and there I am on Facebook, Twitter, reading blogs and generally dicking about. I could get through so much more work (ergo have the potential to make more money) and fit in more time for doing things which I enjoy without always feeling rushed.

Jam it up
My wee Granny LoveCat died just over two years ago. She was jam maker in our family. Last year I decided to take over the mantle and did her proud with a batch of strawberry jam and a batch of plum jam. Both of which, even if I do say so myself, were delicious. I also had a bash at chutney which also went down a storm. I want to try lots more jams and jellys. Next up... marmalade.

Make new friends
Okay, this sounds a bit needy but here's the deal. I have just moved to a new city. Outwith TB's friends, I know two people. Two single souls! One is a friend of one of my best friends from Edinburgh and the other I know through some volunteering we did together years ago. They are both really lovely and this Sunday I've got my first lady date with one of them. Very excited. We're going for lunch and then off to an art gallery. How sophis!

PS) Quality Street Watch: Day 3. They are finished! Thank god. A couple more sneaked past my lips yesterday but finally I am free of the shackles. Praise be!

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