Friday, 20 January 2012

Sweets for my sweet

I'm not eating enough. I never thought that is something that I'd say. But my relationship with sugar is arsing everything right up. Sorry, I can't think of a more eloquent way to put  it. 

Let me explain... I got up yesterday and had a large clementine for breakfast. I wasn't feeling that hungry as on Wednesday night I had a run in with a mini sized selection box. Ooops. Mid morning I make a cup of coffee and as I get the milk out the fridge, I spy the carnation milk that was used to make the tablet. The carnation milk that is in a squeezy bottle. Before I know it I'm having some in my coffee and even worse... squeezing it straight out of the bottle onto my finger to lick off. Jesus, woman.

This continues until lunchtime when I try and redress the balance with some homemade soup. Doesn't last long. Before I know it I'm back on the carnation milk like a hungry pup suckling at its mother. I then get stuck into the boiled sweets. I must have had about 12 sweets. Oh. Dear.

By this time I'm feeling pretty crap. I'm going to the gym and so managed to stop eating sugar and have another clementine. By the time I think I've left enough time to let my body process everything and actually attempt some exercise it's about 7pm.

I have a great workout - until my last 10 mins of cardio and ouch! Stitchy stitch. I shower and being to walk home. Aaaaaaargh. What is this stabbing pain in my tummy. It's pigging agony and I'm almost bent double as I shuffle home. I eventually get in and lie down. TB arrives home soon after and gives me a cuddle and I feel a lot better. I then have a boiled egg and toasted roll for dinner - at 9.30pm.

So there you have it. Probably had a sore tummy cause of all the crap that I was putting in it - and lack of good stuff. And eating far too late. Not clever.

I really need to address my sugar issues. It's just after lunch and I've had two boiled sweets. That's okay - as long as that's it. And it is it. I could be sabotaging a really great loss with this stupidity. The workouts are going great guns and I can notice a little more definition in my calves and I'm not spilling out the top of my gym bottoms, like I was a few weeks ago.

So the moral of the story is stop being a git.


  1. That made me giggle. I have the same problem, only with savoury instead of sweet. So I'd be squeezing primula cheese (dirty and wrong) onto my finger!
    Have you tried brushing your teeth or chewing sugar free gum when you get a sugar craving? Everything tastes minging with peppermint so it might put you off?

  2. I can't cound the number of totally wrong things I've eaten direct from the jar because I got a craving for it - or really just got my pig on. I can't have Nutella in the house, or even actual sugar, because I've been known to sit with a tea spoon and have at it. Wrong. So very, very wrong.


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