Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Weigh in

Howdy Doody everyone

Weigh in this morning revealed I lost 1.75lbs -again. I was hoping for a little more as I've not had the big loss that often comes in first week of healthy eating when you've stuffed your piggy face for a couple of week. However, it would seem that it's not to be and if I could lose 1.75lbs every week then I would be delighted.

I'm also taking delight in the fact my body fat % is less (a very tiny amount less) than it was when I was this weight in November. And that weight is 12stone 11.5lbs.

I should maybe also fess up that TB and I had a tablet making session on Friday night. For those of you living in ignorant bliss, tablet is a bit like fudge. If made well it is so amazing. It's basically sugar boiled up with butter and condensed milk - what's not to love! We both made a batch from difference recipes. Mine was a total disaster (my version also had syrup and some brown sugar in it) and while the texture was horrific, it still tasted so good. Of course, instead of throwing it out immediately, I left it on the kitchen worktop and picked at it every time I went into the kitchen. And of course, I had to go into the kitchen for so many reasons... I've forgotten them. Ooops. I managed to pull myself together on Saturday tea time and stop the rot but in that small amount of time there must have been a lot of sugar ingested. Must do better next week.

Oh, I forgot to update my list of exercise yesterday as I was running about like a maddie. So here we go...
  • Wednesday: Gym workout. All manner of squats and lunges and weights interspersed with 30 mins cardio
  • Thursday: Boxercise - ooh, I must tell you about that soon
  • Friday: Nothing
  • Saturday: Gym workout as before
  • Sunday: Nothing
  • Monday: Gym workout as before
  • Tuesday: Nothing
It's mostly gym workouts and while they are quite similar, no two are the same. The cardio is 10 mins running, 10 mins cross trainer and 10 mins spinning but the weights vary as I mix up dynamic lunges with squats with weights, and on the bose ball things too. It's all rather hellish but what can you do. Just bloody well get on with it.

To finish here is a bike pic of me. I've got the essentials... cool as fuck bike (complete with spokey dokeys), reflective arm band, 80's bodywarmer, animal print scarf, demin jacket. What else do you need?!

Starting Weight: 183 pounds
Current Weight: 179.5 pounds
Weight Loss This Week: 1.75lbs
Total 2012 Weight Loss: 3.5bs


Go on then, spill.