Thursday, 5 January 2012

I have often walked down this Quality Street before

Time to fess up... the dregs of the Quality Street tin called my name last night and I responded with a saccharine.. 'Yes, my Sweet?'.

But panic ye not. The sum total was one fudge (picked by accident - don't even like those ones!) one strawberry cream and a caramel cup. I may also have nibbled at some tablet. Oh yeah, and I've just remembered I had a cracker with brie. Now that is bad. Okay... It's not quite the absolute pure start I envisaged but I'm not too upset about it. It was day one and overall the rest of the day was really good. My meals were all superb and considering we got 2 tins of Quality Street (not to mention the other selection boxes and chocs) it would probably have been medically unwise to go cold turkey. Ha!

And what about exercise? I woke up to a beautiful day this morning. Very windy and cold but nice and sunny. I popped on my gym kit and planned to head out after lunch. The elements then taunted me for the whole morning. Rain, hail, sun, more rain, lots of wind, sun. It was really pretty cold too and the thought of leaving my cosy flat was far from appealing. Finally it was almost 3pm and with the light fading I had to steel myself and just get the hell on with it.

It actually went okay but, ouch - my teeth! Ouch indeed. The cold wind hitting my pegs as I drew in lungfuls of icy air was so painful. I battled through and made it home where I did some lunges, squats, tricep dips and a chest presses. A quick check of my route (thank you map my ride) revealed I'd run 3.92km and my pace was 9.4km an hour. That is a much faster pace than normal. I usually sit around 8.7kmph. I've not actually been running outside for about six months and so I must have improved. Well done me!

The plan tomorrow is to get up with TB (at 6.55am!) and head to the gym for 8am. I really cannot be arsed but it means it'll be out the way and I'll also miss the crowds.

Right, I'm off to stir my homemade soup. Byeeeee.


  1. Fair play to you, I love quality street! Although luckily himself likes the ones I don't like and I like the ones he doesn't which does mean dregs aren't really that bad! But you stopped really quickly well done!


  2. Have you seen the stuff in the Times about the new running book (Run Fat Bitch Run. No, really, that's what it's called) which is essentially - running is not fun, you'll never 'just feel like it', shut up and do it anyway! I can't say I'm endorsing this as I detest running and didn't lose weight doing it (insult to injury, that one) but it did make me laugh.

    Happy New Year!



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