Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Where's your head at

What a great weekend. My best friend was visiting and we had such a good time.

We shopped (hello two gorgeous dress from Warehouse that should have cost £130 and I got them for under £30), danced to 80's music, baked a cake, drank, ate, gossiped, played trivial pursuit and watched R Kelly's 'In the Closet'.

A few words from the above paragraph might have jumped out at you. You know... eat, drink, cake. I think it would be fair to say the diet went down the pan at the weekend. I drank quite a lot of Friday and Saturday night and also knocked back half a bottle of wine on Sunday night. Not good.

And since the weekend I've continued to faff about. My meals are great. Really good (apart from when Lover Boy cooks and makes a creamy sauce). Lots of lean protein and fruit and veg. My workout are really good. I'm kicking it big time at the gym and it feels good - even though I'm still only fitting in 4 workouts a week. I'm messing up all this good work with my lax weekend and my continual picking at sugary things. - every day.  My head is just not where it should be.

For example... today I've had a fruit for breakfast, chicken and prawn salad for lunch and a frittata for dinner. I've also been to spinning. Saintly, right? Wrong; because I've also had tablet (which if added all together would probably be the size of an iphone. In fact, probably more) and just there, after my tea, I had a slice of the cake I made at the weekend (Victoria sponge, if you're interested). I'm weighing in tomorrow for crying out loud - and I had a piece of cake. And then some more tablet! What am I playing at?

This kind of behaviour is typical of many, many of my dieting attempts in the past. I have a good couple of weeks and then I take my eye off the ball. I then stop losing weight or I put some back on - and then I lose interest... game over.  I can't let that happen again. I'm just a few pounds away from my lightest weight. It's within my grasp to get there - and lower.

Tomorrow is another weigh in - and another week for me to make the right choices. The scales will say what they say. I'll accept it and use whatever number is there to push me onto a week where things WILL change.

In the meantime, here's the workout lowdown.

Wednesday: Nothing
Thursday: Mental gym workout. 30 mins cardio and all manner of squats and weights
Friday: Mental gym workout
Saturday and Sunday: Nothing
Monday: Mental gym workout
Tuesday: 45 minute spinning class


  1. Sugar - it's evil. And seductive. I'm not even having much fruit at the moment (a small portion of berries only) in an attempt to release its stranglehold on me.

    Good luck...


  2. Your willpower is amazing Peridot.

    I don't think I could cut it out altogether but I have to do something. The massive tin in the cupboard that calls name half hourly is not helping. x

  3. Sorry, that should have read 'tin of tablet'.


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