Friday, 30 November 2012

Off kilter

I think the best way to describe me at the moment is... out of sorts.

I'm really quite fine but just... just not quite feeling myself. Let me break it down.

My boobs are agony. So sore! Do not even look at them! Not great when your boyfriend is a boob man and he just loves to paw them all. the. time. They are also massive just now. I am busting (ha!) out even my most roomiest of bras.

I cannot seem to get my backside in gear to do any exercise. I was all set for spinning last night and 30 mins before I was about to leave work I decided to sack it off, ate a slice of cake (I made for an office birthday) and went Christmas shopping.

I woke up this morning with cystitis. I hadn't even opened my eyes and... boom! I knew it. Luckily I managed to get Dr's appointment and I am on the antibiotics already.

I've not had a 100% dieting day for about a week. Meals are good in the main but a handful of crisps here, a packet of chocolate buttons there, licking the butter icing bowl is happening every day. Not good.Things are not going well and if I don't get a grip when I weigh in on Wednesday I will have packed on quite a few pounds. I am annoying myself for being such a dickhead, but I'm not annoyed enough to actually do anything about it. 

I was off work on Tuesday. There is bug going round and while I wasn't sick, I needed to be in very close proximity to my own bathroom if you know what I mean. I took full opportunity that day to eat what I wanted to 'make myself feel better' and duly put away half a tub of full fat philadelpha on a variety of crisps - straight out the tub.

I feel really bloated. Despite the fact my belts are still on the same hole, my tummy is a right wee pot belly sticking out. The boobs and the bloating all point towards PMT but it's still 10 days away! Body of mine, what the chuff are you playing at?

That's one mighty moan. On the positive:
  • I've started my Christmas shopping
  • While it's leaving me a bit confused as to my career path, there are plenty of offers of work
  • Feeling very smug and loved. TB and the furry feline are the best. What's better than waking up to the love of your life cuddling you (you may now be sick).
  • A weekend of parties and friends lies ahead
  • Baked a banoffee cake and cupcakes for an office birthday this week and got lots of lovely feedback.
  • Serious discussions this week about buying a house together. There are lots of details to pin down but hopefully in the next 6-10 months. Wheeeeee!


Go on then, spill.