Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Weigh In

It's almost so slow that I'm at a standstill - but never the less it's still coming off. I waved goodbye to 3/4 of a pound this morning.

I know, 3/4 of a pound! It's practically nothing. I should be losing double that every week but as I've said before I'm not feeling the laser like focus that will deliver those results. My social life is bonkers (good) at the moment and to be honest I'm having lots of fun, while ever so slowly chipping away at the weight which is a pretty good place to be.

I'm down to 13stone 1.5lbs and so am within spitting distance of the 12s. I don't like being in the 13 stones. I like being in the 12s and next year, I am going to be in the 11s. It's going to happen. If I keep on losing a pound a week for the next 4 weeks I'll be back to my 'usual' weigh - which is just 3 to 4lbs off my lightest. If I can pull this off though... remains to be seen. 

I seem to be on a weekly cycle. I weigh in and lose a pound or so. I feel really pleased to see the numbers coming down and I'm feeling a difference in my clothes too. Lovely. I'm motivated and I have grand plans to have an amazing week and lose even more the following week. It gets to the weekend and nights out with friends involve rum, possibly wine and even some shots. Saturday morning arrives. I am hungover and hungry. I lose all focus and willpower and agree to things like pizza for tea. Monday, I get back on it and have two strict and sterling days before Wednesday weigh in - and repeat.

I want to break this cycle but it's not going to be easy. This weekend there are around 30 of us going away to a big converted mill house for the weekend. There will be A LOT of drinking. There is a hot tub. There is a sauna. There is going to insane amounts of food and cakes and puddings including caramel tart, banoffee pie, white choc cheesecake, mars bar cake, cake for afternoon tea... This all equates to A LOT of fun. A lot of dangerous dieting fun. It's all self catering and so staying out of the kitchen and away from the food is going to be hard. Very, very hard.

I'm going to try my absolute best but this is a major challenge.

Weight Loss This Week: 0.75 pound
Current Weight: 183.5 pounds


  1. Mars bar cake you say? Dribble... How did the Peridot Brownies turn out btw?

    It's such a tough time of year for dieting so all power to you that you're giving it a good go.

    And 3/4lb is a lot closer to 1lb than nothing. I'm mathematically challenged but even I know that.


  2. I'm doing the same, losing tiny amounts of the flab but enjoying life. We will get there and it will be well worth it.

    I'm DREAMING of being in the 13's!!

    Your weekend sounds amazing! I'm v v jealous.

    Lesley xx


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