Friday, 16 November 2012

Waisting away

I bought this dress from Asda just before I went on holiday (I love George - they have some great stuff, the prices are reasonable, and it's never that busy). It's lightweight, comfy and flattering and it was the perfect plane outfit with a pair of black leggings and vest top underneath - and with the buttons undone at the neck. It was also a lifesaver as my luggage was lost and it was all I had to wear in 30 degree heat! I papped on a pair of TB's boxers which sort of worked as hotpants and bob's yer aunty's husband!

Since I got home I've never had it off. Okay, slight exaggeration - I have worn a couple of others things but at least once a week this bad boy has been my go-to work to night staple. The only thing is, it's been too tight. When I first got back from sunning myself there was no way I was getting it on the last hole of my belt and I felt like I had to suck in my tummy the whole time. Not sure if you've ever tried that but it's exhausting and makes it quite hard to speak! In fact, if I'm being honest then it was actually too tight even before I went on hols.

I put it on this morning and... I am doing the belt up on the last hole, with ease! I might be ever so slowly chipping away but the trend is downwards and just over the last few days I have felt a difference.

I made it to spinning last night and it was definitely easier than two weeks ago. I didn't feel sick once!

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