Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Weigh in

That's right, weigh in time. Again.

Slow and steady wins the race. Right? Well this tortoise will hopefully end out in front as I lost another pound this week which means I am now 13stone 2.25lbs.

I'm not exactly setting the weight loss work on fire with these losses but they are all adding up and if I keep this trend up then I'll be 12stone 11lbs for Christmas which would be just peachy.

Of course, I'd bloody love if it was more but at the moment it's not to be. I'm not quite feeling the laser like focus and life is just too busy to cram in as much exercise as I would like. I have at least one big night out every weekend until Christmas which is not ideal but I'd rather have a packed social life, be out having fun and lose a pound a week than be a bore, sitting at home and losing 2lbs a week.

I went to the gym last night after work (massive pat on the back please) and before next week's weigh in I can only fit in one spinning class. I'm too busy jam making, birthday cake baking and other essential life tasks which I won't bore you with. There are also a couple of hurdles facing me over the next seven days.

Friends are visiting on Friday night. This equates to boozing and sushi which is isn't too problematic but how do you cope with a restaurant BYOB when you just want to stick to spirits and mixers?

On Saturday we're away to a hotel the night for a catch up with friends. Again, this will be very boozy. I'll also need to navigate the evening meal and breakfast. As long as I can make the right choices then another pound off is totally do-able.

Christmas is just around the corner and I want to feel and look good whether at the work night out or TB's family party on Boxing Day.  Onwards and downwards...

Weight Loss This Week: 1 pound
Current Weight: 184.25 pounds


Go on then, spill.