Monday, 5 November 2012

Ticking off

I am a ticker. I love to tick things off my list and that is exactly what I've been doing since Thursday.

I said I was going to spinning on Thursday, tick.
I said I was going out for a run on Saturday, tick
I said I would avoid bacon rolls at TB's folk's, tick

A trifecta of ticks! Everything is going according to plan (it sounds like I am just typing out lines from a musical). Yes, there were a few glasses of wine at the weekend but that was just about the only badness and I've still not told you the best bit...

I worked out  a rough route for my run on Saturday thanks to gmap pedometer and once TB's mum pointed me in the direction of the old railway track off I trotted. It was beautiful. The autumn leaves were the most lovely colours, the sun was peeping through the sky and the countryside air was crisp and clear.

I couldn't help but think of Lesley as I trotted along, admiring the view. At one point a massive bird (no idea what kind) swooped from the fence beside me and off across a field. I wish I had taken my camera. It was just as well I had all this going on to distract me as I was running out of steam.

I managed about 75% of the run without too much trouble but I could feel myself tiring and I began to intersperse the running with walking. Not that I was choosing to do that - I was spent! I got home and checked the stats. I had been out for 55 mins - and covered 7.85km! Boo Ya! That is my longest run since July! And my hip felt fine. I am so chuffed with myself.

I know I can do it. Of course I can. But sometimes I forget and the only way to convince myself is to do it again. I have to just get on with it. And when I say it - I mean anything and everything. Work, friendships, diet, self confidence - just everything that can be affected by a little bit of self doubt.

  • Weekend sundown
  • Fishing town sights
  • Bonfire in at TB's folks

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  1. That is some good ticking! I think a bonfire trip was well deserved :)


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