Tuesday, 1 October 2013

17th May 2014

227 days. It looks like we're going to be married in 227 days!

Waaaaaaahaaaaaaa! We just emailed the venue this morning and so it looks like it's all systems go!

And here is! This is where we are going to get married!

Well, we're actually going to get married at the side of the house on a lovely bit of lawn and then have the reception in the walled garden in a marquee. You can see the walled garden at the top of the picture. It's going to be amazing! So yes, there are many many issues that need overcome (wet weather back up/pathway to the garden/lighting in the garden) but we I know we can do it! 


  1. Looks gorgeous! Can't wait to hear every detail!

  2. oooh amazing! How exciting x

  3. It looks lovely! How very exciting!



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