Saturday, 19 October 2013

Bakalving your work

It's not often I get one of these, a Saturday morning at home, on my own just pottering around - and writing a wee blog. Bloody lovely.

Despite eating some baklava last night (which I made for my book club night and I knew I was most certainly having a portion of) I am feeling very positive.

I played badminton for 40 mins on Thursday night and yesterday I ventured out for a run - the first for weeks - and got a wee 5k under my belt. I'm also planning some sort of exercise on Monday and Tuesday - so that will be four workouts before next weigh in.

I have my eyes set on a 2lb loss next week. I feel like will give me a bit of confidence for Saturday. What's happening on Saturday? Oh you know, just trying on some massive white dresses! You got it - mum and I are going wedding dress shopping. It's just two appointments and while I am dreading the whole thing, I'm anxious to get going and see what what's what.

Right, best be off. TB and I, along with his parents are going to my parent's for the dinner and are staying over. It's a bit of a wedding celebration/planning session.

I've got a whole other post of wedding planning and how I'm feeling about it all (and people criticising!) but in the meantime, let's just enjoy a picture of delicious, buttery, sugary, fatty baklava.

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  1. Ohhh, I LOVE baklava - but it can be very disappointing if it's dry. This does not look dry.

    Good luck with the dress shopping. Detailed post to follow please!


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