Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Get kettle on love

It's only Wednesday but already it feels like a lo o o o o o o ong week.

I think it's because I weighed myself on Thursday and have been pretty much* doing a cracking job every since and that includes 4 workouts - 2 runs, badminton and today was kettlercise. I know, what is that name all about?

The name might be crud but oooooh mamma! It's not even 12 hours since I did the class and I am having some serious problems going up and down the stairs. To explain what the class is.... you have a kettlebell and with said kettlebell you do a series of 37 different moves - each one a minute long. Think lunges, tricep dips, bicep curls, squats. I thought it wasn't going to be hard as mostly I (and the rest of the class) were using 4kg bells. Sometimes 6kg. Wrong. So wrong.

The music didn't stop. There were no breaks people! I have not sweated like that since I used to go to spin at Virgin in a tiny wee studio. There were rivers of sweat running down my shins. RIVERS! SHINS!

*okay, so I had a few chocs and tiny piece of baklava on Sunday.

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