Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Dressed for success

Sorry, I didn't really meant to leave yesterday's post as a dum dum DUUUUUUM type of cliffhanger. It was just getting a bit long and I had shit to do, people!

Aaaaanyhooo  - appointment number two...

We arrived and the lady who owns the shop let us in. It was just us and her, surrounded by a sea of ivory. I explained what I thought I was looking for but this time I added in the work 50's. Yes, somehow I thought I quite liked the idea of a 50's feel.

This particular shop deals in samples and other dresses which have been perhaps tried on and maybe even worn once and what they have in is what they have. This means they also have them on their website and when browsing this one caught my eye. It also means they prices are MUCH more reasonable.

Isn't it beautiful? The back is low as well which I loved. What I didn't love was the size. 8/10. Ouch. Even if I lost 4 stone I would never be that size. My bones ribs would kinda stop that.  It was this dress that I had mind though and based on that June, the wonderful owner, pulled out around six dresses she thought would be right for me.

The first one I tried on was beautiful. Satin, alabaster in colour and strapless - a very similar shape to the one above. As I'm not too sure about showing off a whole lotta arm, June popped on a shrug type thing. It was lace and you put it on front ways so that it does up at the back. It's fitted so it sits right in against the dress and looks like it is part of it. I really liked it but when I slipped the shrug off my shoulders so it was more like the ones in the pics I posted up the other day, I loved it. Loved. It. It was also the perfect fit and length.

I tried on the rest of the dresses but we just kept comparing them to the first one. Once I had tried them all on I went back to the beginning. I put on the first dress and asked my mum did she think it could be the one. "It's everything I hoped it would be", she said as she started to cry.

So we went for it! The dress is mine! We couldn't actually believe it happened. It's done - the dress is bought. I think we're both in shock still. We're going back in the New Year to get the bolero made exactly as I want it and in the lace I want. And then back again for fittings - cause of course it will need to be taken in 8 sizes. Ha!

I just love it so much. And even if I didn't lose another ounce, I could get married in it and feel amazing. Oh my god - I'm getting married. I know what I'll be wearing when I get married. 


  1. oh wow. so exciting. i bet you looked stunning! and your mum cried! oh i love that :) happy days... mission accomplished!

  2. Oh, fantastic! And the picture is soooo pretty! Hurrah!


  3. I'm soooo pleased I read both posts at once. What a lovely experience for you.I didnt have much fun looking at dresses tbh and ended up having one made (almost) to my specification which was good, cheap but not as lovely as your dress buying sounded.

    Joy joy joy Lesley xx

  4. Ooooohhhhh how lovely. I can't wait to see you in it!


  5. Oh love hearing your pre wedding plans and your dress sounds just wonderful. Keep the stories coming xx


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