Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Dress rehersal

So... guess what I bought on Saturday.... OH YEAH - my wedding dress!

It feels pretty amazing and totally weird to write that down. I'm getting married - it kinda reminded me what this whole jinkaboodle is about. I'm marrying the most amazing person I could hope to love.

But enough about love and all that mush - let's talk about the dress!

Well, even before we get to the shop, there was a problem. I was meeting my mum 2 hours away by train, at 10am for our first appointment. I made it to the train station by the skin of my teeth (I really must stop doing that) only to note the sodding train had been cancelled! The next one would mean I was over half an hour late. Oh no. Not cool. I booked this appointment weeks ago! After almost murdering the woman behind the till who informed me of my bad luck, I decided to drive despite having paid for a return ticket.

I jumped in the car and hit the road - for about half a mile before the engine light came on. As you can imagine I was most delighted by this situation and was almost in tears as I made my way back to the station with no option apart from turning up very late for my appointment. This  was all pre 8am. What a bloody morning.

Luckily for me, my mum got there in plenty of time and warned them I was running late and they said it wasn't a problem to let me stay on a bit longer. Phew!

Eventually I arrived and I was sat down in some very lovely surroundings and asked what I was looking for. "Something fitted on the top half, in at the waist but quite full in the skirt. I'm also not too sure about showing too much flesh on my arms and so strapless might not be right for me." We went over to look at the rail of dresses and oh lordy, that was some rail. Meters and meters long. But we only seemed to look at one small section and four dresses were taken from here - and I felt like I barely looked at the different options. They knew this was my very first appointment - a little more guidance/variation would have been better.

They started to put me in the dresses and I wasn't really sure what to think. Most of them were huge. I'm talking -kick my feet out in front of me to walk- huge. And netting, visible netting, a lot of that as well as very heavy lace. I'm definitely up for a bit of lace but the whole of each dress was covered in it. It was just too much and oh my god, the price! Out of these four the one that I liked the most was over £2,000 and that is before any of the accessories. Holy crap. I knew some of them were going to be expensive but to be hit with that price tag so quickly was not what I expected.

Mum and I left the shop not really knowing what to think apart from "this is going to be a long and expensive process." We had lunch and headed off to our next appointment.


  1. Aww, you can't leave us on a cliffhanger!!!!


  2. Bloody hell, a cliffhanger!?

    At least I have learned a fabby new word today... jinkaboodle! LOVE!

    So glad you made it in the end :)


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