Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Get a grip, woman

Where was I… Oh yes, my hip was hurting and I was about to weigh in.

So weigh in was bit of a non starter as I had a small gain of ¼ of a pound. Determined to get it off I headed into the weekend – and didn’t really do so well. I was at a barbeque and ate much more than I should have. I weighed in the following week after a not so great week overall and there before my very eyes was the news that I had gained 3lbs.

Yes, THREE sodding pounds. Now, don’t get me wrong I had not had a good weekend but to gain three pounds? Well, I just don’t see how it was possible. Annoyed. Very annoyed. And since then, it’s just kinda gone downhill.

I’m fine during the day. Excellent, in fact and then it comes to the evening and I’ve been eating crisps, large portions, digestives and butter. Well, anything really that I can pick at. I’ve also done absolutely ZERO exercise. My hip is still hurting and in fact it’s worse as before it used to ease off after a few days. Now, there is a constant twinge when I walk or get up from sitting.

So my mental clarity has been lacking. That gain on the scale has knocked me - and I’m finding it very difficult to right myself. And on top of all that – life is very busy just now and I need more hours in the day! I’ve run out of healthy stock piled meals in the freezer and last week when TB suggested crepes for tea, instead of thinking of a healthier solution I was right there shouting “yes please!”. Of course – following up the savory ones I drowned the remainder in syrup and shoved them right down my face.

I was away at a hen weekend just there (which involved lots of boozing and eating out) and I’ve just not had a chance to plan meals and go to the shops.

The flat is so untidy, the washing is piling up and everything needs a good clean, the cat has been unwell and there is hair everywhere…. I just feel like I need a weekend of being at home to plan, organise and tidy. Ha! No chance. We’re away at a wedding this weekend (for which we need a fancy dress outfit – don’t ask) and so I need to sort that out, and then the next weekend we’re away sorting out my flat that I rent out. No time for anything!

So here is the plan. Yes, there is always a plan. TB is out till late tonight. I’m gonna go home from work and got out for a cycle for a good 40 mins. I’ll come home and eat the fish pie which I found a portion of in the freezer. I’m going to spend the rest of the night tidying and cleaning as much as I can. I will, of course be sitting on my backside to watch the Great British Bakeoff. During that time I will meal plan and get my shopping list together.

Wednesday I’m going to go to bootcamp (which was horrific last time - but needs must).

Thursday is late night shopping and Friday I might attempt a small run.

Saturday I shall weigh in before flying off to watch yet another friend tie the knot- and I'm hoping the damage isn't too bad.

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  1. As I read the first part of your post, I was thinking "she needs to set small, manageable goals to get back the feeling of being in control". I was going to leave a comment to that effect.

    Then I read down and there they are - small, manageable goals. Well done - I hope you get back to your comfort zone and being in control (and rocking the weightloss too) very soon. But, in the meantime, enjoy the weddings and have a wonderful time.

    Lesley xx


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