Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Reality bites

I’ve been having a wee think about yesterday’s bold statement. You know, the one where I claimed I was going to lose 4.75lbs in two weigh in’s time. Yeah, that one. Quite the claim.

I mean, IT IS possible. But so is walking on the moon. It doesn’t mean I’m going to make it a reality by a week today.

My hip is still being a total git and although I am seeing a physio running is off the cards for now. So I’m still quite restricted when it comes to exercise. I’m going to the gym (ugh) tomorrow or Friday after work to do hit up the cross trainer and so some balancing/strengthening exercises prescribed to me and hopefully I’ll get out on the bike before the weekend too.

The only other real hurdle is that TB and I are going out with his parents for dinner on Saturday night – queue lots of wine as his dad continually tops up my glass. I’ll just have to be strong and limit myself.

I’ll strive to hit my goal. I really am going to do my damndest to get there and if I get within a pound I’d be over the moon. First of all though, I need to get to Friday’s weigh. It’s been a boozy weekend with lots of food and I’ve given myself 3 clear days to try and see a loss. Oh my.

Yesterday was a very good day and today has been more of the same. Even better, in fact. Tea tonight is chorizo, chickpea and lentil soup which I cannot wait shovel down.

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