Thursday, 2 August 2012

Weigh in

I have an announcement to make.

Whatever your expectation levels are, raise them. Get them right up there. If they are suitably sky high, then read on.


Finally! After MONTHS of up a pound, down a pound and whole lotta faffing around I have finally broken through! It's been 19 days since my last weigh in and when I got on those wonderful scales this morning a loss of 1.75 flashed up. Hello 12 stone 7.25!  HI!

Last year, the day before I went on holiday to Croatia I weighed myself on someone else's scales and based on my rough calculations and the different calibrations I worked out that I was 12stone 7.5lbs. Today I am a quarter of a pound less than that! GET IN!

A loss of 1.75 over 19 days is not a lot to shout about but the 14 days spent at camp were a real mixed bag. It's totally catered for and if you wanted you could have chips with just about every meal. There is plenty of fruit to eat but in general it's a total change of diet for me. A lotta carbs and not nearly enough veg. I've realised I eat a power of veg. I got through the mealtimes by setting myself a few guidelines. No cooked breakfasts - I had poached eggs (if I got up early enough for breakfast). The No Chip Challenge. Okay, one night I may have shared a portion of chips and cheese from the chippy when we had been at the pub but other than that I always declined. No pudding unless it was really worth it. I had pudding twice. One was rhubarb crumble and custard - the crumble was insane, the other was bread and butter pudding. Cannot say no to that.

In addition to that I drank heavily. Every night. Not good all round but it's two weeks and now I'm back to normality. And when I did drink I stuck to spirits and diet mixers 95% of the time.

I was also on the go the whole time. The most I must have walked on one day was 7 or 8 miles. The least, 2.

And then I came home... and got right back on with it. The eating healthily that is. The exercise, not so much. I've been struck down with the lurgie and am feeling like utter poop. If I can get out for a run this weekend I will be delighted but I'll just have to wait and see how I feel.

In the meantime I am just going to bask in the glow of being the thinnest I have been since I was 17. BASK!

Starting Weight: 185 pounds
Current Weight: 175.25 pounds
Weight Loss This Week: 1.75
Total 2012 Weight Loss: 9.75 pounds


  1. Booyah! Well done champ, fresh fat! That's fab :)

  2. Cheers love! I am rather chuffed. x

  3. Woop well done! New fat FTW!

  4. Well done, chick - that is great news .... know you've been working and waiting a while to get to that! Keep motoring! xx

  5. Well done, you are doing great!!


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