Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Hip Gyp

Yesterday I tweeted myself into a corner… I WILL go out for a run tonight, was the promise I made to myself and a whole loada spam bots. I knew if I didn’t keep my promise they’d be following me with their tiny bikinis and massive jugs.

I got home after work (I must update you an all things office related at some point soon) and the sun was shining. Perfect. I dug out my running kit and off I trotted. Straight away my feet were sore. You know, those we muscles on the soles of your feet that help you balance. My legs felt pretty wobbly and my head was all fuggy (yes, that’s a word!) from this arsing cold that is still lingering.

However, on I pushed and before long, I had some rhythm. My feet were somehow finding themselves and I was making great progress. I sped up a bit. I slowed down a bit. I did the fandango. Okay- maybe I didn’t do the fandango but I did feel like I was in control. My breathing felt okay and I was actually enjoying myself. Whoo hoo. I am a runner, I thought.

I began to visualise myself crossing the 10k line at my race in September. I am so gonna do this, I thought to myself. 3 weeks off, a stinking cold but I’m back! Boo YA. I looped back towards my starting point and just as I passed the 3km mark – my bloody hip started hurting again. And it was really sore. ARSE. Not what I wanted. I kept on going and vowed to run all the way home. I did it, I ran all the way home (4.88km in 32 mins ah thank you very much) but my hip was killing. I stretched it off last night and I’ve taken some ibuprofen but it’s still sore. I am raging.

I feel like I’ve just started to get good at running but I can’t risk long term problems for it. I really REALLY want to do the 10k though. I’m seriously watching the pennies right now and so I can’t afford a physio. And now that I’ve been solely exercising outside and I’m working full time – the gym is the last place I want to be.

I think I’m going to try and get out on my bike at least one night a week and intersperse that with running. I do need to get my hip looked at though because hurting after 3 weeks of rest after just 20 minutes of running is not a good thing.

And then of course, tomorrow is weigh in! I know it’s only been six days since the last one but it honestly feels like it was just yesterday. Because I’ve only had one 5k run and the 6 days I’m not confident for a loss. I’m currently 12stone 7.25lbs. If I could see 12stone 6.75lbs I would be over the flippin moon. Mon the sixes!

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