Monday, 6 August 2012

Weekend Chat

How was your weekend my lovelies? Mine was rather good.

I’ve been feeling pretty crappy for about a week now thanks to a horrible cold and so TB and I decided to stay in on Friday night. We started off with a barbecue in the front garden – which featured mostly very healthy food. Whenever he’s cooking I always mention that healthyness is the watchword (that boy bloody loves oil, butter and cheese)– and he delivered! Superbean salad, other big salads, turkey steak for me and lots of veggie kebabs. What a boy. Once the food was done we moved swiftly onto the gin and slim. And did not stop. We ended up getting totally shitfaced!

Somehow, the next thing I knew it was the wee hours of the morning and we were falling into bed – and didn’t get up until 3pm on Saturday! Oops! It’s been a long time since I’ve caned it that much but I have to admit it was really good fun. Saturday afternoon, not so much. We dragged our sorry selves to a food market for an hour and then it was time to go home and lie on the couch. I’m pleased to say that although some of my food choices were’re that healthy, I didn’t (couldn’t) eat that much. Win!

Sunday was a MUCH more productive day. Two loads of washing hung out on the line in the morning, out for lunch (tuna salad), picked strawberries (jam making this week), put away tents that were drying from our camp, visited a friend, supermarket shopped, dinner (chicken and chorizo jambalaya), washing put away, shirt ironed (a special treat for TB!), hen weekend organising for a friend. I may also have eaten a Solero, a tiny wee fun size crunchie and an ice cream wafer thing. On the whole, not too bad but I need to watch out that these wee treats don’t become regulars. Especially because I still have done EFF ALL exercise and I am beginning to get a bit antsy about it.

The 10k race I have signed up for is only FOUR weeks away. Three weeks ago the furthest I had run was around 8km. I’ll be lucky if I can crack out more than 5 now. I want to be out there running. I was getting good at it! I really want to enjoy the actual race. And of course, it will help me lose some more weight. I was determined to head out after work today but my head is banging. Not the plan I had in mind.

Okay – here’s the deal. I WILL go out for a run tonight. I’m not putting any times or distances on it. I just need to get out there and do something. Anything!

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