Thursday, 30 August 2012

What I ate

I often read other people’s What I Ate posts but it’s been a very looooong time since I busted one out myself.

Now that I’m back working in an office 5 days a week I find that what I eat day to day doesn’t really change that much. Now that might a horrendous thought for some but as a creature of habit, I love it. Not only do I know the amounts and volumes that will satisfy me but it’s also easy for my little brain to keep up. I can buy the same foods without really thinking about it and having to come up with other diet friendly options.

So…. Here we go.

8.30am. Breakfast I have breakfast just before leaving the flat and just about every morning I have porridge made with half semi skimmed milk and half skimmed milk. Today I added some honey and some desiccated coconut. Normally I prefer coconut oil instead. In fact, that reminds me I must try and buy some today on the way to the gym. Yeah, you read that right, the gym. I’m getting myself back down there tonight. I also have a small glass of water.

9.00am. Hydration Stations. I am a thirsty bunny and between 9 and 11 I’ll drink a litre of juice (Robinson’s peach and barley juice is a favourite) and a milky coffee too (followed up by some Extra chewing gum).

11.30am: Nectarine. I LOVE nectarines. I am already depressed about the fact they are going out of season soon.
1.00pm: Lunch. I try and split this into two parts… first up, it’s the meat course. Some cold meat with a few spoonfuls of low fat crème fraiche. Recently I’ve been having this whole packet but today I just had half. I then had another coffee and a butterscotch sweet.

1-3pm: More juice. Another 1 litre.

3.00pm: Lunch no 2. Fruit course. Lots of lovely fruit topped with a Muller Light Greek Style Morello Cherry Yogurt. This SHOULD have been a coconut one but the stupid shop didn’t have any! What the chuff is that all about? Coconut for the win. I had tucked in before I remembered to take a snap.

4.00pm: Half a litre of juice.

The rest of this is a prediction as it is in the future…

7.00pm: A late tea tonight as I went to the gym. Prawn stir fry with one of those stir in sachet sauces and a packet of stir fry pre prepped veg. Nothing very exciting but it’s quick and healthy. We threw in some extra veg and had it with some noodles.

8.00pm:  Cup of tea and an ice lolly. I do love a wee ice lolly of an evening. Sometimes it’s a choc ice, just one of the really cheap ones but I know an ice lolly really is a better dieting shout.

8.30pm: A couple of boiled sweets.

So there you have it. I’m weighing in the morning and I really need to see a dip from 12stone 12. Hopefully this lot will help me on my way.


  1. Ooh, love a good menu post.

    Try coconut butter in your porridge - it's SO delicious. I got it from some health website and it's called Artisana, expensive but so yummy and just a tsp stirred into porridge is enough to give it that coconut taste. DO NOT buy the Higher Nature stuff which is rank.

    I too love nectarines - especially the white ones, mmmmm. Probably my favourite fruit except greengages.


  2. Is coconut oil and coconut butter the same thing? That's what I have in my porridge. I also sometimes use it in the shower for shaving. Excellent for the skin!

    I actually also bought some hazlenut butter. Amazing. Had that in my porridge this morning and it was like eating a ferrero rocher! Heaven.


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