Tuesday, 23 October 2012

How to weekend with the folks

It's been a bloody lovely weekend. My mum and dad came to visit and not only did we have a delicious, healthy (so says me!) meal at my place on Friday night of Spicy Beef Stew but on Saturday we visited a Castle and had a walk around the grounds (and up the turret) and then went to a Transport Museum. We had a meal out a lovely hotel on Saturday night with them and then on Sunday morning I got my car boot on - coming away with 7 gorgeous purple glasses for 50p, a Charles and Di biscuit tin, a necklace for £2 and the most hideous/delicious bag for £1. Bargain!

I then stole a lift back to the hometown with my parents as I had the dentist yesterday morning. Goodbye, last of my wisdom teeth (face is rather tender today). I also managed to pop round to my Granny's for a quick hello. It was nice to be trotting about the streets of my childhood. The picture above is the road leading to the street I grew up on. I walked this road, up and down, every day I went to school - both primary and secondary. Ah, the memories.


Over the weekend I have to say the diet was pretty damn good. Friday night I had a glass of wine and a couple of slimline G&Ts  - and a handful of crisps, after the healthy meal above. Saturday, I stuck to soup and then chicken with veg when out for my meal. I only had a few rums and diet coke and no pudding. Sunday was another great day. Perhaps I shouldn't have had the peanut butter on my toast and banana - but all in, an excellent day.
I veered off track a little last night.  I picked at mini chocolate pumpkins and a few minstrels and looking back they probably added up to a packet's worth. I also had a right good few bites of a donner kebab (don't ask).
Today has been excellent and I just need to keep that going tonight to give me a fighting chance for a loss tomorrow morning. Exercise has been very poor over the past week. Apart from generally being on my feet and walking a lot over the weekend - I have done sweet FA. Sometimes life gets in the way and there's not a lot you can do about it. I'm going out for a run tonight. Seems a bit last ditch but something is better than nothing.

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