Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Weigh in

Baking and dieting. I just cannot do them both.

Last night it was time to bust out the brownies as I've got baking club tonight. By the time the raw mix was in the oven I had eaten half a crunchie and licked a bowl.

Before they were decorated (for Halloween) I had eaten more than one (or maybe 4 -  or more!) portions - it's hard to quantify when you are just merrily chomping away. A major factor in this incident is that the top shelf of my oven is FAR hotter than the middle shelf and one of my trays of brownie were seriously overcooked and getting them out the tin results in lots of broken and lose bits - that somehow fell into my mouth. And all less than 10 hours before weigh in. Smart. Move.

However, weigh in still took place this morning and I still managed to lose something. 3.5lbs - sliding me down to 13 stone 5.5lbs, which I am pretty chuffed about Well, I would have liked if it had been 4lbs. Oh wait - did I not just say yesterday that if it was a 1/4 of a pound then at least it was going down? Yes. Yes I did so I just to take the 3.5lb loss and shut up.

So what does this mean for my pre-Christmas podge plotting. Good things! A pound a week would take me to 12 stone 10.5 and a pound and a half a week would take me to 12 stone 8.25. I'd be happy with either of those numbers. However, I want to romp on as quickly as possible and I'm aiming for 2lbs next week. Gotta name it to claim it.

The only problem is - I'm pretty damn busy over the next week. I don't want problems though, I want solutions - and here seven days worth:

Wednesday: Half hour walk at lunchtime. Baking Club. No dinner, instead cake is my meal.
Thursday: Half hour walk at lunchtime. Client dinner. Soup for starter, fish for main. No pudding.
Friday: Half hour walk at lunchtime. Parent's for dinner at mine. Healthy meal planned
Saturday: Hanging with the folks (i.e. Boot Camp Mother) so will not be allowed to deviate
Sunday: 6km run
Monday: Day of gadding around the country for meetings. Packed lunch and fruit snacks.
Tuesday: 1 hour of Badminton singles.



  1. Very impressive. Good for you!

    I so hear you on the bakes! part of me wants to bail out of the next one but no, i want to deal with this like an adult and have a life of cake AND healthiness.

    well done on that huge loss :)

  3. Yaaay! A start has been made and 3.5 lbs dropped. Well done hon. Onwards and downwards!!

    Lesley xx

  4. I am the same!! I love baking so much but it always sends me on a total downard spiral.


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