Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Mathematical Fat

Week one - back on the dieting horse and it's been... okay.

Tuesday  to Friday were actually pretty plain sailing. I planned my meals and I stuck to them. I'd say I operated at probably 95% percent perfection. I also went out for the two runs which I mentioned in earlier posts.  Then, the weekend arrived. Damn you, weekend and your lack of structure.

On Friday night there was SO much booze. The only positive from that was that I stuck to diet coke and spirits (even though they were far more pricey). My resolve weakened, I also ate 1/2 a cupcake and a slice of pizza.

This wasn't too disasterous but the hangover and the general laid back vibe of the weekend also saw me induldge in pizza, a choc ice, couple handfuls of chocolate sweeties, bread with dinner, marshmallows, white bread with breakfast and lunch on Sunday and quite a few biscuits I baked from my left over biscuit dough- with icing on top.

This is not acceptable. I won't lose weight carrying on like this. On Sunday I threw on an old pair of jeans and not only was the belt on the next notch up but it was cutting me in two! I had convinced myself I wasn't really that far from where I needed to be but the reality is that I've got some hard work to do and I'm not just a couple of pounds away from where I should be (at my highest).

So, I'm annoyed. And this is compounded by the fact that despite going out for three runs this week (I did 5.3km last night), power walking for 20 minutes a day and being on plan the majority of the time I feel just as blobby and wobbly as I did when I got back from hols. Annoyed.

But, I'm an optimistic one and opportunities are there for the taking. Challenges are there to be beaten and lard is there to be busted.

There is no way I can't have lost something. Even if it's a quarter of a pound it's going down. I've also just done something which I've not done in a long time as usually this kind of behaviour sets you up for a fall. I've just counted the weeks to Christmas and worked out how much weight I 'could' lose.

I know this is dangerous ground but I feel motivated by it and I am trying to be realistic and if that's what it takes... I have nine more weigh ins before Christmas. Based on the weight I was a week ago a pound a week would take me to 13stone 3/4 of a pound. If I lose 3/4 of a pound tomorrow then I'll  would be back in the 12s. It's not where I want to be. I want to be 12stone 7lbs but it's in the vicinity. It's getting there.

If I lost 1.25lbs a week then I would be 12stone 11 and 3/4 of a pound. This is just 4lbs off my lighest. Spitting distance!

Okay - that's it. No more dicking around. 1.25 average a week is totally do-able as long as I put in the effort, stay mindful and stay determined. Game ON.

A beautiful Scottish blue sky
Pears on our tree
My biscuit tombstones - reading for icing and sticking to the graves

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