Thursday, 11 October 2012

Hunger strikes

So we're in day three of ZT. And when I say we, I mean me.

And it's going pretty well. Meals are planned, snacks are prepped and I can safely say I am pretty happy with my performance.

There is no denying I am struggling with feeling hungry but if I can just get through this week I know that will subside. I just have to ride it out as best I can. It's 4.30pm, I've just had a yogurt and a nectarine and I am still struggling. Oh well. As my mum said to me in a text "Hungry schmungry. Too Bad!"

On Tuesday I went for a run and knocked out 4.25km in 29 minutes which I pretty pleased with. Especially since I had to walk for 100 metres or so due to a late dinner/not enough digestion time situation.

I was wiped last night and so after the creation of a healthy fish pie, cleaning the cat flap (to try and remove the scent of a bully cat - don't even start me on that topic) and cleaning the kitchen it was time for some serious bum on couch time. However, tonight there is a 5k with my name on it.

I would actually like to be playing badminton but the place I could play is miles away and by the time I got there it wouldn't be worth my while. So running it is - for now.

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