Friday, 19 October 2012

Pulling it back

Right - I've got 5 days to nail it.  The last two - haven't exactly been on the money.

Baking club... As planned I didn't have dinner. I saved myself for cake - and then I went a bit nuts. I ate a LOT of cake (the mint chocolate meringues were a personal favourite.) By the time I got home I felt so whacked out on sugar I had a cheese sandwich to try and offset saccharine state I was in.

Last night, before the work meal out, I snuck a few mouthfuls of cake when I dived home to change. And they weren't even that good! With the meal I probably had about 3 large glasses of wine. Starter was just prawns (excellent) and for main I had steak. Annoyingly though, it came with chips. Delicious chips- which I ate every single one of. At least they were big chunky ones. Yes, I am clutching at straws.

For dessert, I stuck to the game plan and just had a coffee. At least I could polish my halo for that one good choice. Oh no, wait - there was an extra bit of banoffee pie ordered. What shall we do with it? Yes, dear readers - I ate half of it. Arses. Big fat arses.

So it's not really panning out the way I planned it. Not at all! However, the cavalry is on it's way! My mum and dad are visiting this weekend and under her watchful gaze there will be NO deviation. I am going to have 5 spectacular days and on Wednesday, I will have lost weight. I'm not sure how much, but I will have lost.


  1. When things go wrong, like the extra slice, all you can do is put it behind you and keep trying to make the right choices. No point in beating yourself up about it.

    However, if I might suggest something? It seems to me that your chimp is quite active/strong. All this grabbing cake etc or, when you are being good, being very good (that's her too!). I think you need a better plan for some events. You make a plan for what you're going to do, the positive "I'm goihg to eat a, b or c" etc but not for how you're going to cope with the temptations. Then she can step in and derail you! Believe me, I know cos it happens to me too...think our lives are full and busy and there's lots of scope for derailment.

    So, next time you're planning, visualise the hard part, the ordering dessert part, the am I going to be drinking part, and work out in advance what you might do to help you keep to it. It wont always work and sometimes you'll be having too good a time to care but others it might give you the edge over your pesky chimp!!

    Right back to it now hunny.

    Lesley xx

  2. Baking Club sounds lovely but a bit hazardous to the old diet! I like Lesley's idea of planning in advance what you're going to have and sticking to it. When I do that (and I'm doing that tomorrow - Sunday roast with a friend) I feel more in control even if I've gone over my calories for the day.


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