Friday, 12 October 2012

Weekend plotting

Top tip to make sure you do enough exercise when you workout... forget to take your front door key with you when you go out for a run so you have to  run around the block to keep warm until your boyfriend gets home - 25 minutes later.

It's actually just as well as I'd only covered 4.52km when I got home so a few minutes later once I'd done a quick circuit of the park  - I'd definitely covered 5k.  I also threw in some lunges, squats, chest presses and sit ups. I was bloody freezing by the time TB came home though and it was pitch black.

The run itself was quite slow. My legs were really heavy and I walked for a couple of 30 second blasts. Still - my pace isn't too bad and at the moment it's more about getting out there and moving.

It was another successful day all round yesterday. Porridge for breakfast, low fat ready meal for lunch (not my usual at all but it was one of those days) and spicy sausage and bean casserole with cous cous for tea. I gave most of the sausage to TB and so mine was mostly bean and veggie casserole. It was one of my freezer meals made about a month ago - queue smug domestic face.

This weekend we've got quite a quiet one planned- yippee! There are still some dangers lurking though.

Tonight I am out with the girls. We're going to an organised girls night out which seems to involve Butlers in the Buff and all manner of other cringeworthy things. I may need serious amounts of booze to get through it. As long as I can stay off the wine and on spirit and diet mixers - that's okay. I'll have tea at home before so at least that's one saving grace.

Did I mention I'd joined a baking club? There is pic below of some of the bakes - and mine in progress. It was a passion cake which was bloody delicious, even if I do say so myself. It's our second meeting on Wednesday and I need to practise part of my Halloween creation; some thin biscuits. The danger of popping the odd corner once they are bakes into my gob is ever present. I need to make specific shapes with them and so there is probably going to be a lot of breakage. Oh my. I need to be mindful and remember two things... 1. I can enjoy baking without eating like a mentalist and 2. The sneaky mouthfuls of biscuits add up. I will enjoy a couple of tastes of various cakes on Wednesday and so I just need to hold off until then. The other part of my bake is Peridot's insane brownie recipe. More on what I'm doing with it next week.

Other than that - my weekend is relatively plain sailing. I HAVE to watch the last two episodes of Great British Bakeoff so I can watch the final on Tuesday. TB and I have also agreed we fancy a really nice steak for dinner at the weekend. Already drooling over the thought. Well, to be honest at the moment I'm drooling over the thought of a lint ridden polo found at the bottom of my handbag. Yup, still hungry!

Here's a couple of pics that I've snapped recently.


Baking Club
Autumn Sky
London Wedding Reception Shenanigans
TB getting pummelled in the hydro pool on holiday

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