Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Weigh in

I am well overdue with a report on the numbers and actually have two weeks worth.

There is good news and there is bad news.

The good is that a week ago I lost 2lbs taking me to 13stone 3.5lbs. Horay! The bad is that today I gained 0.75lbs. Booo.

The scales were actually being very temperamental this morning and 13stone 4.25lbs seemed to be a good assessment of where I am at. I'm not actually surprised I saw a gain. I was away for a girl's weekend and despite the avoidance of a cooked breakfast and other bread related products, there were far too many treats (including the most incredible macarons I have ever tasted and a seven layer dip) and enough booze to sink a ship. I have also done jack all when it comes to exercise.

So where does this leave me? Still in a pretty good position. If I can get my head in the game and get on a pound a week loss trajectory I'd be just 4lbs away from FF. That's not gonna just happen as if by magic though. I need some structure. I need to know what I am doing/eating and when I'm doing it. I need a schedule, damn it!

Here is the plan for the next week.

Thursday: Gym after work (possibly spinning if I can get into the class)
Friday: Nothing
Saturday: Run (around 6km)
Sunday: Nothing
Monday: Nothing
Tuesday: Nothing

Hmmm, now that I type that out I realise there is a whole lotta nothing going on there. We're spending the weekend with TB's parents which kinda takes up most of it and sneaking out for a run is the most I can do. I've now got something on every Monday night so there's no way around that and I'm away with work on Tuesday night. I could possibly talk TB into badminton on Sunday afternoon though.

In terms of food, the weekend at TB's parents will be tricky. Especially as they love to ply us with booze. I think I might just tell TB's mum I'm on a diet. That's one way around bacon rolls for brekkie and stodgy puddings.

Tonight it's butternut squash risotto, healthy style for tea.

Weight Loss Last Week: 2lbs
Weight Loss This Week: + 0.5 pounds
Current Weight: 186.25 pounds

  • Gratuitous cute cat shot
  • The seven layer dip.

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