Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Ride on time

There is a post that has been brewing inside my noggin for some time, all about wedding planning.

I've got a lot to say on the matter but I need to take my time with it - and time is not something I have today.Work is chocca just now, which is good but I just feel like I am running around feeling guilty all the time.

When I work from home I feel like I'm always trying to fit too much in - cooking, cleaning, running, looking after the cats, wedding stuff, house crap (getting blinds measured/phoning plumbers)  - and that is all before I've even thought about doing any actual proper work. When I'm going that stuff I feel guilty about not doing enough work work and vice versa. There is just never enough time. Tonight we're painting the ceiling of the living room - and I'll also need to do washing and dishes. Waaaaaaa! Sorry - just feeling a bit overwhelmed with it all just now.

So it's weigh in tomorrow. Apart from Saturday's meal out and a few handfuls of crisps here and there, I've been on track. I've also run 5.2km, twice and been to spinning and bodypump. Despite seriously wanting to body-swerve swimming last night I went - but I didn't even get into the pool. Who knows what the hell was going on but it was rammed with kids. I honestly could not have swam a stroke - there were that many of them. Instead I sat in the sauna for a bit - and then went home! What a waste of time.

Regardless, that's four workouts in seven days, which I am pleased with. I don't feel any thinner/different than last week but we shall see what the scales are giving to it in the morning.

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