Thursday, 21 November 2013

Weigh in

As I mentioned, I don't feel any thinner this week compared to last week. It seems the scales, those bloody lovely scales, would disagree though. 1.75lbs off.

I can't quite believe this. I'm losing weight like never before. Well, like the 2stone weight loss of 2011 actually. But I'm telling you, it seems easier this time round.

In 2011 I felt like I had to devote a lot more time and effort to get the same results. I was working out 5 days a week and really spent a LOT of time thinking about the whole escapade. I was also cycling everywhere. I used to do a circuits class and cycle 4 miles home afterwards! And I was living on my own so I didn't have to make meals that would satisfy TB as well as myself. 

Whatever I am doing this time - it seems to be working. And long may it continue!

Totally unrelated, the room I work in at home is flipping baltic so I'm constantly in a bobbly old cardi and scarf - oh and kitten. I think he thinks he's a parrot.

Starting Weight: 14 stone 0.25lbs
Current Weight: 12 stone 11.25lbs
Weight Loss This Week: 1.75lbs
Total 2013 Weight Loss: 1stone 3lbs


  1. Such a cute picture! Although I think you might have been upstaged.....

    So glad it's going well for you. If you work out what it is you're doing, tell us! And possibly write a book and become very rich.

  2. Brilliant, well done! And loving the parrot kitten!



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