Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Ring the changes

Tomorrow is weigh day and I wouldn't exactly say I am looking forward to it, but I am definitely interested to see what the numbers have to say about the past week.

However, I'm mentally preparing myself to deal with a result I don't want (as happens all too bloody often) by taking a moment to concentrate on some changes I have noticed that actually mean more than what the scales decided to say.

The one that I am noticing all the time is something the lovely Peridot mentioned a few weeks ago... my engagement ring is looser. Well, she mentioned hers was looser, not mine! It was always a bit big as I wasn't willing to give it up to get resized the day we got it. but now it's positively spinning from side to side and wobbles about when I move my hand. So, that'll be all the time. So fingers are definitely slimmer. Yay! Just what I always wanted... ahem.

Ummm, what else. Oh yeah. Boobs. Of course, the girls are smaller. As per usual. They don't really look much smaller but there is bra gaping going on that tells  me otherwise. Although, that could mean that my back is slimmer...

Last night when I was swimming I felt as if I wasn't so much hauling my bulk through the water but rather gliding, in places. And I felt my stroke was faster. That's only my third week of going but it gave me motivation to make sure I keep going back. That's not really to do with feeling thinner, but definitely fitter.

In other news, last night I made a Victoria sponge cake and 12 mini ones (i.e. fairy cakes with jam hidden inside and topped with buttercream icing). There was icing left over... I put it in the bin.  Bring on the scales!


  1. Ohhhh I do hope the scales give you a good result. What is it with fingers getting smaller first? Mine are the same and it's...well, a tad annoying because fat fingers I can deal with but a stomach shaped like a barrel? Not so much! Still any change is worthy of celebration.

    Thanks for your lovely comment btw :-) It's interesting you should ask about noticing differences because it made me realise that I have but they're so small and incremental that I haven't been paying them a lot of attention. But I think it's great to deflect some of the focus away from that number on the scales sometimes.


  2. I also have fingers and toes crossed for you today too! I'm in a similar position with noticing the changes since I got my ass back in gear - at first they were so tiny I barely noticed them at, but then suddenly I've gone down a whole clothing size and it just seemed to happen all at once. One thing I'll say - at about a stone and quarter lighter than I've been recently, I feel miles different - fitter, leaner and just altogether more confident and comfortable. Yay - go all of us!!


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