Thursday, 7 November 2013

Weigh in

A pound she wanted.... a pound she got!

Wheeeee - I am happy with that. I'm now 13stone 1lb. And on the old scales... okay - no more. From here on in the old scales are dead and I'll stop comparing numbers. This loss brings me soooo.close to hitting a stone lost since we moved into our house. Yup, it's been slooooowoowowowooowww but I did go on holiday to Crete for a week of that. Whatevs, the numbers coming down, no matter how long it's taking.

Numbers aside, I am starting to notice a difference in my clothes. Last night TB and I played badminton and I am telling you, my stretchy gym trouser/legging things kept falling down when they were fine the week before (obvs that's why I lost every sodding game!). Well, until I heated up a bit and my sweaty body helped them cling to me. I'm a sweater - okay!

I've got a dress on today that was never too tight but now, well let's be honest, it fits a lot better. It's at times like this I think "You are such a tool". It's only taken 5lbs for me to feel SO much better about myself. I'm holding my head a little higher, my walk's got a little more swagger. Why have I been dicking about for so long when a few weeks of focus can make me feel this good?

Week 1:   13 stone 11.75
Week 2:   13 stone 9.75  (- 2lbs)
Week 3:   13 stone 7.5    (- 2.25lbs)
Week 4:   13 stone 8.5    (+ 1lb)
Week 5:   13 stone 6.25  (- 2.25lbs)
Week 6:   13 stone 2.5    (- 3.75lbs)
Week 7:   13 stone 2.25  (- 0.25lbs)
Week 8:   13 stone 4.5    (-0.25lbs)
Week 9:   13 stone 4       (-0.5lbs)
Week 10: 13 stone 3.25  (-0.75lbs)
Week 11:  13 stone 2.5   (-0.75lbs)
Week 12:  13 stone 4      (+1.5lbs)
Week 13:  13 stone 2.5   (- 1.5lbs)
Week 14:  13 stone 2.5   (0)
Week 15:  13 stone 5.75 (+ 3.25)
Week 18:  13 stone 6lbs  (+0.25)
Week 19:  13 stone 2lbs  (-4lbs)
Week 20:  13 stone 1lb   (-1lb)

Total: 13.25lbs

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  1. Brilliant result, well done you! And you're right, a few pounds can make such a huge psychological difference. Next stop, the 12s!



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