Tuesday, 5 November 2013

On the floor

What a weekend. After a pretty boozy Halloween party on Friday night, the rest of the weekend was spent sanding the hell out of our floor boards. 

Well, before we even started the sanding part we had to use a hand held grinder to get this dark brown paint off which ran round the whole room. On Sunday morning it took make ages to wonder why the hell my wrists were aching! Oh yeah, holding that heavy thing which vibrated like a mother, that'll be it.

We're getting there though! You can see from the top pics the room has some lovely dark green wallpaper and the carpet (under all the mess) was dark green too. Now it is looking SO much lighter and brighter. I took these pics when it was dark outside  so it doesn't really do it justice. This week we now have to varnish it and then crack on with sanding all the paintwork - including out massive skirting boards. That'll be fun... aye....

During this DIY blitz, the diet was rumbling along quite the thing. Slice of toast for brekkie, crackerbread with low fat cream cheese and smoked salmon for lunch, home-made ww chicken curry for dinner.

Yesterday I also cracked out 5k in my best time for about 2 years - hello 33mins. And that was outside, up and down hills into a headwind half the time. I'm also going swimming again tonight. I have a pound loss in my sights for Thursday morning. I'm coming to getcha!


  1. Good for you! I think you deserve that lb after all that work. Do you think it will be done for Christmas?


    1. I hope so - we're hosting this year! We start varnishing the floorboards tonight. Well, loverboy does! x


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