Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Stop and smell the roses

I had such a great weekend. TB was away for most of it and I had so much time to myself.

The weather was lovely. How nice to wake up to the sun streaming in my bedroom window. I woke up energised, hangover free and set about kicking the arse out my to do list. Not only did I go to the gym, varnish the floor, do some work, do 2 loads of washing, clean floors and cook, but I also did some gardening. What's that all about?!

Well, it's more about the shame than anything else. Our front garden is a rose garden but there are more weeds than roses and it looked awful. I was so embarrassed, I couldn't stand it  a moment longer. It looks SO much better now but there are still so many weeks. Chickweed - what the chuff? I've been reliably informed that's what is spreading like wildfire. It was a very dull job but at least that's it done... till the next time.

Of course, there was also plenty of time snuggling with the kittens (who are getting so big!). They are so funny; when they are sleepy they just lie about anywhere and you can do anything to them. There are actually two cats in that picture but Papa Lazarou is so black he's impossible to photograph.

The diet is still going really well. Really well. One glass of red wine and a small milky bar were just about my only treats. Oh, and nibbling at some ciabatta. But I was active all weekend. In between the cleaning, shopping, gardening and general house stuff, I hardly sat down.

Yesterday I had a bit of time to go shopping after a meeting and the next thing I knew I had bought a knee length, dark grey coat - in size 14! Yeah, it's a bit nippy around the bottom - but it fits. Today I've got a dress on that I've not worn for weeks and it is the loosest I can ever remember it being!

I've only managed to go for a run (new fastest 5k time!) and a spin class since weigh in, and possibly swimming tonight if I don't have to help TB with something, so not quite as much exercise as I would like. A loss of a pound and a quarter would take me into the 12's so that's what I've got my sights on so it's eyes on the prize and heads down and we enter the final furlong of the dieting week.

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