Thursday, 28 November 2013

Weigh in

Holy shrinking arse, Batman. 2.25lbs off!

What the hell is going on? You know the fairytale about the cobblers shoes and the wee elves that come alive at night...well I think they must be having a go on my scales. I can't actually believe this.

I suppose when I think back over the week, I AM putting the work in. I just can't believe the losses I am getting week after week. It's not like me. Not at all. This is the lightest I have EVER been. That doesn't seem real. To write that down. It's something I've thought about so many times and it just seems to have suddenly arrived.

So what am I doing? I feel like I need to note it down so that when I need inspiration in the future and I am struggling see past ice cream, sweeties and well, anything that's not nailed down, I can remind myself what works for me.  Now that I think about it, that's actually not the problem time. The problem time is when I am trying to be good and I feel like I'm putting the work in but I get zero results or a paltry quarter pound here and there.

Exercise. I'm working out about four times a week just now. That is usually two runs, spinning and swimming. I can definitely feel my fitness improving and I know I am working hard during each of these workouts. I mean, I ran 7km the other day without stopping and at 6.20mins per km! Pow pow!

Food. This is where I really need to pay attention as this is when I can often cross the fine line between eating healthily to maintain or dieting. Yeah, yeah - we're not supposed to be on a diet. We're supposed to change our lifelong eating habits. I have done that. I have changed them and oh my god, I am such a healthy eater but to lose weight, I gotta be on a diet. I gotta go without and sometimes feel a little hungry.  That's the reality.

What am I eating... for breakfast it's mostly melon and low fat yogurt. Sometimes porridge with a little honey. And not huge portions. I might have a couple of clementines before lunch, which is usually soup. I've got into the habit of making a massive portion of soup on Monday and freezing individual portions so I've constantly got a varied supply to choose from. This week's was spinach and chicken Thai style (which I  just made up) and last week was cauliflower. I just have the soup - no bread or crackers or anything else at all. I might have another piece of fruit before dinner but usually just coffee. I drink a lot of coffee. Probably about 4 big cups a day at least  - and then decaff tea in the evenings.

Evening meals are usually things like chilli and a sweet potato, healthy fish pie, sausage casserole. All really normal stuff. I'm just making sure I have a small portion. Oh, and it's always cooked from scratch. I need to remind myself, it's not some magic formula - it's just being organised - and not snacking.

There is one thing that I am sure is helping. I'm really busy. As soon as we finish our tea most weeknights, we are straight into painting and decorating until at least 9am. That's not exactly burning a load of calories but I'm on the go All. The Time. There is no sitting watching telly for hours on end. And and weekends too. That's gotta add up - right?

So it's heads down for another week - onwards and downwards!

Starting Weight: 14 stone 0.25lbs
Current Weight: 12 stone 9lbs
Weight Loss This Week: 2.25lbs
Total 2013 Weight Loss: 1stone 5.25lbs


  1. Oh fantastic. You're really on a roll, well done!


  2. Somehow missed this update... bloody hell you are on fire, well done champ! Portions, portions, i need to tattoo that on mah hand :)


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