Tuesday, 19 November 2013


What up peeps!

I am tired, my limbs are sore and I am hungry. This is for several reasons.

Firstly, we finally started painting our living room last night. Finally! All the rubbing down and sanding is over - horay! But now we are faced with the reality of how long the painting will take. Last night it took me a few hours to paint one cupboard. Admittedly, it's a massive cupboard and I did all the edging and cornice edges around it too - but my god, s..l...o...w... An evening of boring painting will tire you out.

Holding my paintbrush up above my head and at awkward angles will also tire out limbs that bodypumped earlier that day. Yes, I went to my once favourite class and pumped my ass off! I was not looking forward to it but I actually quite enjoyed myself and I might even go back - shock horror. Today, though... my thighs are pretty sore and I am feeling pretty wiped out.

The reason I ended up going to pump in the first place is that following a lovely meal out with TB's folks on Saturday night, I knew I had over indulged and so on Sunday morning I forced myself out for a run - just over 5km. It ended up being a really good run and I was so chuffed with my time and how pacey I felt throughout the whole thing. I might have been ready to spew in the moments afterwards - but the run itself felt good. Anyway, having run on Sunday I thought I should try and mix things up a bit yesterday.

I'm also feeling weary and hungry because my period is just days away. I'd like to think it would get here before Thursday's weigh in but it'll  probably rock up on Friday, just cause it likes to mess with me like that. It may or may not be related but I have found that the past few days have been a little picky, with the odd handful of crisps here and there - and the odd cracker with cold meat. I need to knock that on the head.

I really cannot be arsed going swimming tonight but I know it'll help my sore muscles and it'll also keep m from constantly wandering through to the kitchen, looking in cupboards.

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