Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Chocs away!

Wednesday is normally weigh day. It's all change this week and next week though - as I'm on holiday count down. A week on Saturday I'm jetting off with TB for seven nights. To keep me focused right up to the end point I'm weighing in tomorrow (8 days since last WI) and then a week  on Saturday (9 days).

The overall plan was to lose 2 more lbs in those weigh ins as that would mean I'd lost a stone since starting this most recent health kick on March 1st. I'm hoping I can still do it as things went somewhat off plan over the long easter weekend. Friday I drank far too much. Saturday I ate quite a lot of chocolate. Sunday I ate some more chocolate and on Monday.... you guessed it- more chocolate! I also had beef nachos for tea. I've also caught a stinking cold which has left me feeling terrible and exercise has gone out the window.

Here is the rundown...

Wednesday: 2 mile run and 1 hour of badminton
Thursday: 2 hours of  badminton (my arse cheeks were aching for days after this)
Friday: 2.5 mile run
Saturday: Nothing
Sunday: Nothing
Monday: 12 mile bike ride (to the beach)
Tuesday: 3.5 mile bike ride
Wednesday: Nothing

I'm just hoping my good work from earlier in the week will carry me through as will the last two days of food intake which has been nothing short of STERLING. I even left on purpose most of my lindt easter egg at TB's (which his mum gave me) so that I wouldn't be tempted.  And I fricking love Lindt. Well, any chocolate really.

If I can stay the same tomorrow I will be lucky. Fingers crossed. Cross then, damn you!

There were other things featured in my weekend too, other than chocolate, you know...  I was really pleased with my exercise determination. Following two hours (yes, you read that right. Two fecking hours, of badminton) I got up at 7.15am so TB could drop me off on his way to work and I could run back. My  legs were so heavy and sore but I thought to myself - just plod. Just plod on, woman. And so I did. I was slower than ever before but I didn't stop and so that it itself pleased me. Monday's bike ride was from TB's parent's house to a sandy cove near them. There were a few killer hills in there but we made them all.


We also had a BBQ, friends over for dinner, hung out with his parent's a bit, had a coastal drive, lay in bed reading papers, watched some films and got ice cream at the beach (oops! - yeah, ice cream).

Right, I best be off for an early and very small tea. Will report all things weighty tomorrow.

Onwards and (please be) downwards!  x


  1. Good luck with your weigh in! I'm also dreading tomorrows weigh in- damn future in laws giving us chocolate! :P

  2. Sooo, was SoD a benevolent SoD?



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