Tuesday, 5 April 2011

You'll get what you're given

Lovely readers, I need your help.

I really struggle with meals when I'm in the company of TB, simply because the kind of meals he wants to eat are totally different to the kinds of meals I want to eat. He loves creamy sauces, bread, pizza, houmous, dips, wraps, ciabatta, oily dishes and his veg of choice are roasted root veg that have been covered in oil. You see the problem? I suggest a stir fry or fish and it goes down like a granny on an icy morning.

Admittely I've been in a relationship for a year now (albeit with two different people) but I've lived on my own for three and a half years and that means cooking, most of the time, for one. While I enjoy cooking (and love baking) I tend to roll out the same meals time and time again and sometimes I'll just have exactly what I want. For example, last night I ate some cold meat straight from the packet and then had a tin of minestrone soup. I know, it was a very odd combo but it was just what I wanted.

So where I need your help is ideas of healthy meals that I can suggest that TB's not going to turn his nose up at, or that I can easily adpat so there is a slightly healthier version for me. Oh, and I should mention he's not mad about tomato based sauces. Nightmare.


  1. How about a SW mixed grill or egg, chips and bacon? Or Risotto and/or cheesey sauces made with vlf soft cheese, or traditional meat n 2 veg?

  2. I have the exact same problem with Iestyn, but to be fair he does put up with my weird healthy meals most of the time :) He doesn't like tomato based sauces either, but he will if it is made with passata-he just doesn't like the chunks in chopped tomatoes-maybe its the same with your guy? I usually stick to SW chips, anything with bacon involved, toasties (I use tiny bread, so I just make two for him!), or eggs on toast. I also do a diet friendly carbonara which goes down well. Just proving that healthy food tastes good too seemed to be the first hurdle!

  3. How about making pizza's? We do this quite often and you can then make them as healthy as you like and he can load up on the unhealthy stuff? Some of the ready made bases aren't too hideously bad diet wise. I also do a fairly diet friendly version of carbonara without cream.

    You can make fairly healthy dips too and have them with carrots etc?

    I've had to try and bring my OH round to the benefits of Veg, we are getting there slowly :) I tend to hide them in curry sauces or bolognese and then I forgo the rice or the pasta.

  4. Carbonara is an excellent idea, also bolognaise or lasagne (if not too tomatoe-y). There was a recipe in the last SW mag of chicken drumsticks and coleslaw which was delicious with SW chips and SW curry recipes are usually pretty scrummy. If I think of anything else, I'll let you know.


  5. Yep know exactly what you mean - my saving grace is that Bloss will do almost anything to avoid cooking - so while he might not be rapt in what I cook - the alternative - cook his own - is anathema to him!!!! However every now and again he cooks bangers and mash and I have a WW meal!! But I only ever make oven chips, always have low fat everything I possibly can in the fridge etc! But it's a struggle I know xx

  6. I hear ya. I have a Pizza Express Margarita pizza (550 cal) when I have to buy us both meals from the supermarket & don't want to look like a sad sav while by boyf eats something tasty!
    Also bain of my life....he would eat crap every night if left to his own devices!


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