Thursday, 14 April 2011

Wa wa wipeout

Aren't you just the nicest bunch? All those lovely comments about my weigh in... I loved them. Thank you!

I know it seems like I'm doing a lot of exercise, especially when I list it all, and it is quite a lot but let's not forget I'm missing out on some daily activity that most of you probably get without even thinking about it.

I work from home so getting to work involves getting out of bed, coming down the stairs and... that's it! Even those of you that drive to work have to step out the front door, get in the car and then do the opposite at the same end. I daresay you might even have some stairs in your office too! If you walk to work, get the tube, cycle, take the train or bus, well then - imagine all those extra calories you're burning.

I've always had at least a 15 minute walk to work but now that I operate from the Love Cat Lair it's all too easy to sit on my backside and move as little as possible.

However, today, that's exactly what I've done. I am totally cream crackered. Not only am I tired but my legs are aching and heavy. I've worked out four days on the trot, six if you count Friday's squash game and Saturday's cycle. I need a rest. I'm also not sleeping well. I go to bed totally wiped and physically I feel tired but my mind is racing and I can't get to sleep. So today, I'm doing nada. I've got spinning tomorrow lunchtime and until then it's recovery time (and a chance to wash my gym kit- which I must get some more of).

Onwards. x


  1. I so sympathise with the exhaustion front right now. It's hard work staying on top of all the exercise, when your brain's spinning a 100mph with work stresses all the time. I guess we rock for managing it though! :o)

  2. I always think people who live in big cites get way more exercise than they think. Whenever I visit my London pals I'm amazed by the amount of walking they do. Now I'm a car based girl it's short bursts from car to office to car park and back. I have to MAKE myself walk into town at lunchtime just to stretch my legs and MAKE myself take the stairs at least twice a day.

    Well done you for fitting exercise into your day but enjoy your day of rest too!

    Lesley xx


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