Tuesday, 19 April 2011

What's been occuring

Where have the last five days gone? I'd love to hit the pause button for couple of days so I can just get on top of everything.

It's my own fault though- trying to cram too much in. And just when I think work is easing off a tad and I'll be able to faff about a bit, another new business enquiry comes in! I shouldn't be complaining about that though. This time last year I had a jack all work on the go and was about to start waitressing to make some pennies.

I had a great weekend with TB and while there wasn't much exercise to speak of we did eat quite healthily with a low fat fish pie for tea on Friday and homemade pizza on Saturday night. I did let the side down a bit with an enchilada but that was my only real 'off plan' meal for the whole weekend.

I'm back into the swing of it for what is becoming my 'kick the backside out of it Monday and Tuesday' ahead of my Wednesday morning weigh in. I was totally on plan yesterday (apart from a tiny nibble of fudge- I'm talking a thumbnail size piece) and did a very intensive 45mins in the gym. I then cycled over to my friend's for tea which was 5.5 mile round trip.

Today I'm venturing back to bodypump for the first time in months. I'm also doing the very same cycle  as last night as I need to drop a key off at my friend's. Oh, and meeting a friend for coffee later on today so that will be another few miles on the bike.

So the week's exercise looks like this...

Wednesday: Spinning
Thursday: Nothing
Friday: Spinning
Saturday: Nothing
Sunday: Nothing
Monday: 45 mins gym beasting. 5 mile cycle.
Tuesday: 3 mile cycle. Bodypump. 5 mile cycle

Not quite as much as last week and I would say the eating wasn't quite as good as last week  but I'm still pleased with everything overall. I'm not feeling as uptight about weighing in tomorrow and the reason for this is I'm not expecting to lose anything much at all. Last week's loss of 2.25lbs was a lot for me and so if I can lose anything at all I'll be happy.

I realise that my posts are a pretty dull at the mo. It's all gym this, lettuce leaf that. Dullzzzzzz. I suppose there's just not as much drama in my life as there used to be now that I'm not infatuated with someone that liked me enought to sleep with me but not enough to love me. 

Promise I'll crack off some more interesting stuff soon such as... the time I dropped my iphone down the toilet... reverse cowboy (a position that fills most women with dread)... and other such delights!


  1. Well done you, enjoying your weekend and thgen getting back on plan on Monday! And no that piece of fudge definately doesn't count!
    Out of interest, if you don't mind me asking, what is your buisness?

  2. Yes I figured from FB that's what must have happened to your Iphone - glad to hear it's going again. Mmmmm reverse cowboy - hadn't heard that particular descriptor!! Glad to hear all is well in your world Love Zxx

  3. Ffion, I sent you an email a while back - talking about my job. Did you get it? Maybe it went into your junk?

    Oooh- the reverse cowboy. It's a positionm that fills me with dread. Wobbly bum dread! x

  4. Just seen this- sorry no I haven't received your email! I empty my Junk Mail daily and haven't spotted it in there either! Do you want to resend?
    My email address is ffiffs@hotmail.com just incase its wrong!


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