Sunday, 10 April 2011

Weekend Waffling

What a lovely weekend. I'm just falling more and more in love with TB all the time.

Nothing significant happened to make me suddenly think this. I'm just really happy about how everything is going between us. Every time the phone rings and it's him, or he meets me at the train station, or I see him after a few days apart, I'm excited. I'm excited to be with him. In equal measures though, I'm so at ease with him. I feel reassured and relaxed.

I wasn't supposed to see him this weekend as I had a few things on with various friends from Saturday night onwards. That would have meant that we wouldn't see each other for two weeks. Not good enough. I had no meetings on Thursday so I jumped on the train so we could hang out together until early Saturday morning when I boosted back to mine. Goodbye 5 hours, in total, on a train and also £40 for the pleasure. That's the price of love, eh? Hehe.

I made my pasta dish for him on Thursday night and I'm glad to say it went down well. To be honest if I made anything for him, he would eat it. Men are like children. Don't give them too many choices.

Friday afternoon we played squash where I worked up quite a sweat and felt like I got a good hour of working out in. That night we went out for dinner to a Greek restaurant. I chose pretty well with my meal but I did eat too much pitta break and tzatziki. I also drank half a bottle of red wine and about six rum and diet cokes throughout the evening. Ooops.

Saturday I was up and at em (with a banging headache)- straight onto the train with my chopped up melon, yogurt and apples, back to the Love Cat Lair. Got back, pottered around for a bit and then had some lunch before jumping on my bike, onto a cycle path I've never been on before, and heading off to meet some pals in some gorgeous grounds of a sort of stately home. It was a pretty hard cycle for 20 mins at least to get there and the same back again but it was such a glorious day; I was loving it.

Friends came over for dinner on Saturday night and I made them tuna meatballs served with wholewheat spaghetti, salad and garlic and red onion flatbread.  I ended up eating some of the flatbread which I totally didn't need. For pudding I made a low fat Eaton mess with 0% Greek yogurt, raspberries and meringue nests. That would have been fine but after they left I ate another three meringue nests. Silly silly. Annoyed annoyed.

I got up this morning resolved to make the next three days before weigh in total corkers. It was such beautiful morning that off I went for a 5km run outside. I've not run outside since January and I'm very happy that today I knocked three minutes off that time. Whoop! It was so good to be outside again getting some vitamin D.

After making myself look less of  sweaty mess I headed off to meet two of my closest pals for a birthday lunch. I chose really wisely and had a tuna steak with some veg. The other girls were having pudding and I didn't want to miss out or look like a total bore and also I wanted to help make it feel as much of a celebration as possible. Sad but true. Lucky for me there was sorbet on the menu and so I plumped for that. After lunch I had a wee peek around the shops and ended up buying a new pair of jeans (which of course need altered at the waist) and a pair of olive green sort of cropped trousers. Ooooh- they are tight! They look pretty good but sitting down in them isn't really as comfy as it should be and I sure as hell won't be doing any lunging in them. I also splashed out on some new headphones with an adapter for my ipod shuffle as my third belkin adapter broke. Honestly, can someone design some headphones with the controller attached that actually last more than a few months at a time! Sheesh.

This has turned into a rather boring list and so I'll stop waffling on and hit the hay as my peepers are shutting as I type.

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  1. Ah cropped trousers, I always look like Benny Hill as a deranged scout in them when I try them on. Good for you - and although I don't recommend the lunges - I bet you'll be wafting about in them (and sitting!) in no time.



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