Friday, 22 April 2011

Let's talk about....

When it comes to body confidence in the bedroom, I'm pretty good at it. Or, more accurately, I'm pretty good at faking it.

I'm not comfortable at all with showing off my naked body at all and I reckon that there are few and far between who are. But, I reckon that if I act as if I'm confident then that will come across - which is far more attractive than someone who clearly hates parts of their bodies and you can physically see their discomfort. I'm pretty sure that, "don't look at my legs" is far more of a turn off than a cracking pair of wobbly thighs.

And let's not forget - you and the other person are getting naked because.... you want to get your rocks off! You've come this far and chance are it's going to take more than some cellulite to put a dampener on proceedings.

Of course, it's not all about the physical. People fancy each other for more than just how they look. Well, most people do. It's the whole package. Yeah, I'm sure most guys wouldn't say no to their girlfriends having a slimmer physique and bigger tits - but it's not ALL about that. It's everything . People fancy PEOPLE - not images.

So all this being said, there is one position that fills me with dread. The reverse cowboy. I am very lucky that TB and I have an amazing sex life (yes - I know we're only eight months in and so there would be something up if it wasn't) but there are times when my mind strays from the activity at hand and I worry about how I look. The reverse cowboy, the position that sees the man lying flat while the woman is on top of him- but facing away. So not only is your backside in full view but if you're sitting back rather than being bent forward when at least any lumps and bumps are smoothed out a but then it's ... hello cellulite!

Body hangups do make me laugh though. Get this... I have a friend who went out with a boy for several years and not once did he see her legs in the whole of that time! She used to get under the covers and then remove her clothes!


  1. hmmmm... i reckon at least with RC they wouldn't have to see my wobbly stomach tyres, ADVANTAGE! :D

  2. Good for you to brazen it out. I'm sure you're right and it's far more telling if you're trying to sneak around and cover up - draws far more negative attention.



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