Monday, 18 February 2013

Eat, drink, CrossFit

Spiffing weekend all round, folks.

It all kicked off with a boozy and very meaty meal with lover boy on Friday night. It was one one those Brazilian places where they try to kill you by feeding you enough meat to give you a heart attack right there at your table. I did eat quite a lot of meat but I stuck to lean cuts and fish. I had no bread, rice and the smallest scraping of potato. Go me! I did however, sink half a bottle of red wine and eight rum and diet cokes. Whoops. It was over the course of six hours, I hasten to add.

On Saturday after a monster lie in I pottered about with both my hairy boys and got my bike ready I can jump on it on Tuesday (crap, that's tomorrow) and hot-foot (well, pedal) it along to my first official CrossFit WOD class.  So my tyres and pumped, the lights are working - no excuses. One particularly furry boy likes to follow me about and supervised the tyre pumping from above.

Later on Saturday I went to meet some friend's for coffee and then TB and I finally got round to watching the second part of Kill Bill. Yup, just a few years late.

On Sunday it was my last CrossFit introduction class. I have now 'graduated' and my bum and abs will most certainly testify to that. There was a a lot of squatting followed up by a fricking horrible WOD - albeit quite a short one. There was list of exercises - deadlifts, squats, wall balls, lunges etc etc. of which 20 reps of each had to be done. Oh Lordy. But wait - the best is yet to come. one of the exercises was a burpee and then a box jump. That's right - a lie on the floor full burpee - then I had to jump and land two feet at the same time on a box. Not cool. Burpees are one of my worst things ever - never mind when I have to jump on a sodding box straight after. And let's not forget I am sporting a bruise the length of my shin from falling onto it last week.

It was not fun but I did it all in just over 11mins which was time I was pretty bloody happy with. And what's 11 minutes? All day yesterday though my limbs were so heavy. Standing up and sitting down today... interesting.

I'm really nervous about my first class on Tuesday. I know I've been shown the basics but it's putting yourself into the position where everyone else knows each other and how the class operates that I'm worried about. I think I'll have forgotten everything and will look like a massive (fat) tube. Okay - that's not going to happen and those are my most negative thoughts. Starting something is always scary and tomorrow is just the first step in it not being scary. (Little pep-talk to myself there).

Over past week, and the weekend I have been enjoying the living hell outta these bad boys. It's a sweet potato pancake! After seeing a pic of Ffion's on twitter I just had to have a bash myself. This isn't a very good pic and the pancake was a little sweet pot heavy - but so delicious none the less. Simply mash 1/4 of a large, cooked sweet potato (no skin) with an egg and then fry like pancake batter. It is insane. I had this one with a salad and some cold meat too. You have to try it. It's the future! I made up two yesterday, had one for lunch and then popped the other in the fridge for today's lunch. Pow pow!

We also went out for  walk and fed some ducks in the lovely wee park, we found tucked away. It was a gorgeous day and we ended up going for a cruise around some areas where we are thinking of buying. Nothing much to report on that front as yet - but the cogs are turning. I was also lavished with some Valentine's flowers on Thursday. It's not our style at all to do gifts but for some reason he was feeling the floral love. When it's out the blue like that it's really lovely and I went all girly and squishy. You know, squishy.

There is no reason for the pic of my boy here - just that I love it. He's just the best. See! Squishy.

We've had a really low key few weekends which has been nice (and worked well for CrossFit) but I am ready for a bit more fun and action - which is just as well since the next four are jam packed! Let the spring time, fun times roll.


  1. It really is beginning to feel like spring, isn't it? I will definitely give those pancakes a go - they sound yummy. And you never need a reason for a cat pic - especially when he's as gorgeous as yours!


  2. Hmm, perhaps remember this when you're wanting to deck him?! I refer to your tweet....!


    1. Haha. I WILL NOT back down on this. I could let this non-bin emptying situation slide - and peace will ensue but TB has crossed this lady one too many times!

      I've informed him he can do all his own washing from now on. You do not take me for a mug!

  3. Ughh I hate burpees too. so far they keep making us do a few at the end of each session, I'm ike, why can't we do them at the beginning when my limbs are still functioning! In all honesty, 10 is a bit of a struggle at the moment. I'm worried about my first proper class. I do OK in the Fundamentals class, but there are two OAP's in with us! Not sure how I'll measure up with the big boys, especially with my pathetic burpess, and the fact that my ores ups and pull up skill is on existent!


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