Monday, 25 February 2013

Quality time

Such a great weekend. A scheduled LoveCat tour of my pals in the homeland that usually only get a hurried 'hiya' before I have to jump in the car and head to another friend/meeting/appointment was just lovely.

I got to spend a whole afternoon with my school bezzie and her 18 month old girl. Kids that age take a wee while to warm up to you if they don't see you very often and so it was great to properly get her relaxed enough with me that we could sing songs and dance, dress her up in the new outfit I bought her (man, that felt so nice arrive with unexpected gifts) and cuddle. Yup, my ovaries went into overdrive.

I also hung out with another friend and her family who are 9, 5 and 2. They are just the best and it was so much fun playing with them messing around. I don't like that I'm missing out on that by being over 100 miles away. I love my life in my new city but that doesn't stop me missing my old one and my old friends.

That said, when asked this weekend about having upped sticks to be with TB I heard myself say, "The truth of the matter it doesn't really matter where I am, as long as we're together." I know, you want to be sick, don't you? That kind of chat really is uncalled for! Sorry, I'll not be doing it again in a hurry.

As well as seeing friends, I also went out for a wee 3k run followed by 50 squats, did some work, and went out for dinner with TB ands his parent's for his mum's birthday. All so very enjoyable!

When it came to my diet, I would say I was pretty damn good. However, there were three things weren't great.
  • I drank quite a few rums on Friday and Saturday night
  • I picked at crisps on Saturday night
  • Quite a big meal out last night. It was all fish but there was creamy sauce. A very delicious creamy sauce.


  1. It does not make me want to be sick, I think it's lovely.


  2. defo did not give me the boak. brought a happy tear to my eye :)

    you are a true gem my friend! xx


Go on then, spill.